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The community is a mixture of music superfans and artists, where artists can share their music for everyone to enjoy.

You can listen to a selection of the community's favourite tracks on our Community Station. It's made up out of a random selection of all the tracks that users have said they loved.

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Fair for artists

We believe we represent a good deal for artists: we only promote artists who choose to share their music with the world.

In return, we allow artists to put up payment buttons and links to social sites and their newsletter. We automatically pull in notices from services such as Twitter and GNU social too.

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Freedom baked in

The software that powers is free software, you can run your own music site. We already have early support to allow sites to communicate with each other, and we have apps for Android and Maemo.

Every song we stream on permits you to download it and share it with others, as well as use it as a basis for your own creations.

Work on » allows you to share your listening habits and discover new music.

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