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20lb Sounds a rock band from Liverpool in the UK. Mixing up styles and influences from all over the place, they kick out the Creative Commons jams.

20lb Sounds are a 3 piece rock band from Merseyside in the North West of England. Formed in late March 2010 the band consists of Dan Lynch on guitar and vocals, Gary Hughes on bass and Tron Bonham on drums. The band was initially formed to play the Rathole Radio gig at the Bad Format club in Liverpool on April 30th 2010. About 160 people attended the gig and enjoyed it... or so they said anyway. If they didn't like it they're not saying so to our faces ;) Since then we've stayed together, found a permanent name (after some disasterous suggestions like Stranglewank) and gotten more serious about it all. In the debut gig we only played cover songs because we'd only had 3 weeks to play together and it's quicker to learn covers. After the gig though we started writing our own material, some of which can be heard right here on the site. We have wide ranging influences and while most of what we play could probably be considered indie rock, there's bits of all kinds going on. We played our 2nd gig in late summer, again as part of a Rathole Radio event, there's a pattern forming. That gig took place in the slightly bizarre surroundings of the old Rapid Hardware paint shop in Renshaw St, Liverpool. It was taken over for a month by local community groups and turned into the Nerve Centre. Both gigs were streamed online to people all around the world. Ok so it's only a handful of people, but they're ALL over the world: USA, Finland, Germany, Poland, Australia and New Zealand, to name a few. We hope to get more regular gigs, write more music, learn to play better and continue our journey. Join us, you can sign up here to leave comments, make suggestions, chat in the forum, earn points and become part of our 20lb Army. This site will have more news our latest developments, videos and exclusive releases of new tracks. Stay tuned. If you want to contact us directly please email - info AT 20lb DOT net


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