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You Shook Me All Night Long

by Ac/Dc

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.011FM - The Vault - Classic Rock
073 # Back in Black
100% AC/DC
100 Greatest Guitar Solos
100 Greatest Guitar Solo's
100 Greatest Rock Guitar Solos
181.fm - Awesome 80's
1980 | Back in Black
1980 - Back In Black
1980-Back In Black
1986 | Who Made Who
1986 Who Made Who (Remastered)
2000 Collection
500 Rock & Roll Songs
500 Top Rock
50 Years of Rock
[ Album Image ] '74 Jailbreak
'80s Hits
80s Mixed
80's Passion
Ac Dc / Back In Black
AC DC China-Special 2
[ Album Image ] ACDC In The 20th Century
AC/DC In The 20th Century (Disc 07)
AC/DC in the 20th Century (disc 12: Who Made Who)
AC/DC in the 20th Century (disc 15: Live, disc 1)
AC/DC in the 20th Century (disc 7: Back in Black)
AC-DC Live
[ Album Image ] AC/DC Live
AC/DC Live [1992]
AC/DC Live [2156]
AC/DC Live [Australia]
AC/DC Live [Collector's Edition]
AC/DC Live: Collector's Edition
AC/DC Live: Collector's Edition (Disc 2)
AC/DC Live: Collector's Edition Disc 2
Ac/Dc Live: Collector's Edition (Remastered) (CD2)
AC/DC Live - Disc 2
AC/DC Live (Disc 2)
AC/DC Live (Disk Two)
AC/DC Live (Special Edition)
AC/DC Live (Special Edition) Disc: 2
AC/DC The Best
AC DC - The Best Of...
AC/DC The Very Best
All My Friends Are Gonna Be There Too
Are You Ready? The Very Best Of
Are You Ready: The Very Best Of AC/DC [CD2]
[ Album Image ] Back in black
[ Album Image ] Back in Black
[ Album Image ] Back In Black
Back In Black (1)
Back In Black [1986, Atlantic, 16018-2]
Back In Black (1990 Atlantic Reissue 16018-2)
Back In Black [1995 Remastered, Albert 4770892]
Back In Black (2003 Reissue)
Back In Black [2003 Remaster]
Back In Black (2004 DualDisc Epic EN 90828)
Back In Black [2008, Sony Music Japan, SICP 1707]
Back In Black (Albert 465254 2)
Back In Black [Albert 465254 2]
Back In Black (Albert CD 431046)
Back In Black [Atlantic 7567-81472-2, Germany]
Back In Black (Bonfire)
Back in Black Digipak
Back In Black (Digitally Remastered)
Back In Black (Disc 1)
Back in Black [DualDisc]
Back in Black [DualDisc] Disc 1
[ Album Image ] Back in Black GusMing
Back In Black (Japan)
Back In Black (Japanese SICP-1707)
Back In Black (Jap. Remastered Paper Sleeve Collection)
Back In Black [LP Atlantic SD 16018 Original US Pressing] {Pbthal}
Back In Black {Original}
Back In Black [PromoMasterDisk-RL]
Back in Black [Remastered]
[ Album Image ] Back in Black-(Remastered)
Back In Black (Remastered)
Back In Black (Remasters)
Back In Black (W.Germany for USA, Atlantic 16018-2)
Back in Melbourne
Back in Melbourne (disc 1)
Backtracks CD 2: Live Rarities
Backtracks (disc 2: Live Rarities)
Ben AC/DC Mix
Best Guitar Solos
Best Net Radio - 80s and 90s Mix
Best Of
Best of AccaDacca
Best of ACDC
[ Album Image ] Best of AC/DC
Best of AcDc - Gold Album
Best Of The 80'S
Best Songs Of All Time
Black In Black
Bonfire - Back In Black
Bonfire (Back in Black- Remastered)
Bonfire Box
Bonfire (CD5: Back in Black)
Bonfire (disc 4: Back in Black)
Bonfire Disc 5
Bonfire (disc 5: Back in Black
Bonfire (disc 5: Back in Black)
Bonfire (Disc 5) Back In Black (Remastered)
Brian Johnson Hits
Classic Cuts : Most Requested (Disc 1)
Classic Rock Collection
Classic Rock Lounge
CruiseOne - 256kbps - Indie, Pop, Rock, Top40
DC / The Very Best
DC / Who Made Who
Dirty Deeds At Irvine Madows
Family Jewels
Family Jewels (disc 2)
FM WEGR FM Rock 103
[ Album Image ] For those about to rock (We salute you)
[ Album Image ] For Those About to Rock We Salute You
Gen 80s
Get yer yo yo's out pt. 1
Gold 2000 - CD2
Gold Album
Gold Album 1974-2000
Gold Album(1974-2000)
Good Times: 30 Years of Great Australian Rock 'n' Roll
Greatest Guitar Solos
Greatest Hell's Hits
Greatest Hell's Hits (2CD)
Greatest Hell's Hits (CD1)
Greatest Hits
[ Album Image ] Greatest Hits CD1
Greatest Rock Songs
Guitar Solos
Haithabu - Im Auge des Sturms
HD Radio - Classic Rock
Hell Best
Hell's Hits
High Voltage Greatest Hits!
High Voltage Greatest Hits! CD1
Howard Stern's Private Parts
Iron Man 2
It Smells Rock 'n' Roll
Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
KISW Top 1000 of the Millennium
[ Album Image ] Live
Live [02/02]
Live 1992
Live 1992 (Cd 2)
Live 1992 CD2
Live (2 CD Collector's Edition) (CD2)
Live 2CD Collector's Edition (Disc 2)
Live (2CDs - collector edition)
Live (ATCO 92215-2)
Live at Donington
Live At Donington
Live at River Plate
Live At River Plate
Live At River Plate (CD 2)
Live At River Plate - Disc 2
Live CD2
Live (CD2)
Live (Collector's Ed., CD2)
Live (Collector's Edition)
Live Collectors Edition
Live: Collector's Edition
Live: Collector's Edition (CD 2)
Live Collector's Edition (CD 2) (Remastered - 2003)
Live (Digitally Remastered) (Disc 2)
Live - Disc 2
Live (Disc 2)
Live(Disc 2)(Collector's Editi
Live (Disk Two)
Live (Dlx)
Live (Japan)
Live (Special Collector Edition)
Live (Special Collector's Edition)
Live - Special Collector's Edition 2 CD Set
Live (Special Collector's Edition) CD2
Live (Special collectos Edition)
Live two CDs collector's edition-Disco 2
Mason Dixon Generation 80s
Mason Dixon Radio
Massive Addictive
MTV's Top 100 Pop Songs
MY 100 Today's Hit Radio
No Bull
Non-Album Tracks
OST Supernatural
OST Supernatural - (Season 4)
OST Supernatural Season 7
Out Of Our Heads
Platinum (disc 1)
Platinum Hits
Platinum Hits (CD 1)
Platinum Hits CD 1
Platinum Hits [Disc 1]
Play Guitar With AC/DC
Plug Me In
Radio Soulwax Live - Get Yer Yo Yo's Out!
Radio Swiss Pop
Reunion in Dallas
Rock 70'S II
Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Rock Songs
Soundtrack - Supernatural
Soundtrack - Supernatural (Season 4)
STAR 107.9 FM
Stiff In Milwaukee
Stiff Upper Lip (Live)
Stiff Upper Lip Live (Disc 1)
Stiff Upper Lip Live (DVD Rip)
Supernatural Season 4 Soundtrack
Supernatural: The Definitive Soundtrack
Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie
Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)
[ Album Image ] The AC/DC Remasters
The Best Of
The Best of AC/DC
The Definitive Collection [Disc 2]
The Mix Radio 80s
The Singles collection
The Singles Collection
The Top 500 Heavy Metal Songs of All Time
The Very Best
Top 1000 Classical Rock
Top 1000 Classic Rock Songs of All Time
Top 100 Greatest Guitar Solos
Top 100 Pop Songs
Top 100 Pop Songs since 1963
True Blood
True Blood: Music From The HBO Original Series
True Blood OST
True Blood OST Volume I
Ultimate Volts (3CD)
Use Your Illusion II
Varie Rock
VH1 100 Greatest Songs of 80’s
VH1 Top 80s Songs
[ Album Image ] Warning! High Voltage
Warning! High Voltage - CD 1
Warning! High Voltage (Greatest Hits)
Warning! High Voltage: Greatest Hits!
Warning! High Voltage (Greatest Hits) CD1
Warning! High Voltage: Greatest Hits! (CD1)
Warning! High Voltage - Greatest Hits CD 1 (Brian Johnson)
Warning! High Voltage (Greatest Hits) (Disc 1)
Warning! High Voltage: Greatest Hits! Disc 1
Warning! High Voltage (Greatest Hits) (disc 1: Brian Johnson)
[ Album Image ] Who Made Who
Who Made Who (32XD-530)
Who Made Who (Albert 465253 2)
Who Made Who [Atlantic 7567-81650-2, Germany]
Who Made Who (Atlantic 7 81650-2, Japan Press)
Who Made Who (Atlantic 81650-2)
Who Made Who (Digitally Remastered)
Who Made Who (Japanese SICP-1713)
Who Made Who [Remastered]
Who Made Who(Remastered)
Who Made Who (SICP-1713)
you shook me all night long
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