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Straight Up




Baby Blue
Baby Blue - 2010 - Remaster
Baby Blue (2010 - Remaster)
Baby Blue (Remastered 2010)
Baby Blue (US 45 Mix)
Baby Blue (U.S. Single Mix)
Baby Blue (US single mix)
Baby Blue [US Single Mix]
Baby Blue [US Single-Mix]
Baby Blue (US Single Mix) (2010 - Remaster)
Baby Blue (US Single Mix / Remastered 2010 / Bonus Track)
Baby Please
Baby Please (Previously Unissued Bonus Track)
Day After Day
Day After Day (2010 - Remaster)
Day After Day (Remastered 2010)
Flying (2010 - Remaster)
Flying [Original-Version]
Flying (Remastered 2010)
I'd Die Babe
I'd Die, Babe
I'd Die Babe (2010 - Remaster)
I'll Be The One
I'll Be The One (Bonus Track)
I't Over
It's Over
It's Over (2010 - Remaster)
Money (2010 - Remaster)
Money - Flying
Money [Original-Version]
Money [original version] [bonus track]
Money (Remastered 2010)
Name Of The Game
Name Of The Game (2010 - Remaster)
Name Of The Game (Earlier Version)
Name of the Game [Earlier Version]
Name Of The Game (Earlier Version) (2010 - Remaster)
Name of the Game (Original Version)
Name Of The Game [Original-Version]
Name of The Gane
No Good At All
No Good At All (Previously Unissued Bonus Track)
Perfection [Original-Version]
Perfection (Remastered 2010)
Sing for the Song
Sing For The Song (Previously Unissued Bonus Track)
Suitcase (2010 - Remaster)
Suitcase [Original-Version]
Suitcase (Remastered 2010)
Sweet Tuesday Morning
Sweet Tuesday Morning (Remastered 2010)
Take It All
Take It All (2010 - Remaster)
Take It All (Remastered 2010)