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Fashion Nugget

by Cake



01 - Cake - Frank Sinatra
01 - Frank Sinatra
01 Frank Sinatra
02 - Cake - The Distance
02 The Distance
03 - Cake - Friend is a Four Letter Word
03 Friend Is A Four Letter Word
04 - Cake - Open Book
04 Open Book
05 - Cake - Daria
05 Daria
06 - Cake - Race Car Ya-Yas
06 Race Car Ya-Yas
07 - I Will Survive
07 I Will Survive
08 - Stickshifts And Safetybelts
08 Stickshifts and Safetybelts
09 - Perhaps, Perhaps , Perhaps
09 Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps
10 It's Coming Down
10. It's Coming Down
11 Nugge
11 Nugget
11 - Nugget
12 She'll Come Back To Me
12. She'll Come Back To Me
13 - Italian Leather Sofa
13 Italian Leather Sofa
14 - Sad Songs And Waltzes
14 Sad Songs and Waltzes
14. Sad Songs And Waltzes
5. Daria
6. Race Car Ya-Yas
Cake - I Will Survive.mp3
Distance, The
Frank Sinatra
Frank Sinatra - Cake - Fashion Nugget
Friend Is A For Letter Word
Friend Is A Four Letter Word
Friend Is a Four-Letter Word
Friend Is A Two Letter Word
Going The Distance
He's Going The Distance
Italian Leather Sofa
Italian Leather Sofa - Cake - Fashion Nugget
It´s coming Down
It's Coming Down
Its Coming Down
I Will Survive
I Will Survive (full length radio edit)
Never There
Nugget - Cake - Fashion Nugget
Nugget - Edit
Nugget (Edit)
Open Book
Open Book - Cake - Fashion Nugget
Perhaps, Perhaps
"Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps"
Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps
Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps
Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps (Live)
Race Car Ya Yas
Race Car Ya Ya's
Race Car Ya-Yas
Racecar Ya- Ya's
Sad Song and Waltzes
Sad Songs And Waltzes
She´ll come Back to me
She'll Come Back To Me
Shell Come Back To Me
Shiftsticks And Safetybelts
Short skirt, long jacket
Stickshifters and safetybelts
Stickshift's and SafetyBelts
Stickshifts And Safetybelts
Stickshifts And Safety Belts
Stickshifts and Safetybelts - Cake - Fashion Nugget
Stickshifts and Safteybelts
Stickshifts & safetybelts
Stickshiftss And Safetybelts
The Distance
The Distane
You Part The Waters (Live)