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Wheels of Fire




014 - Cream - White Room.mp3
01 - White Room
02.Sitting on Top of the World
04.As You Said
Anyone for Tennis
Anyone For Tennis (By Eric Clapton & Martin Sharp)
As You Said
As You Said (alt. mix)
As You Said (By Jack Bruce & Pete Brown)
Born Under a Bad Sign
Born Under A Bad Sign (By Booker T. Jones & William Bell)
Crossroads (Live at the Fillmore)
Deserted Cities of the Heart
Deserted Cities Of The Heart (By Jack Bruce & Pete Brown)
Falstaff Beer Commercial
In The Studio: As You Said
In The Studio: Born Under A Bad Sign
In The Studio: Deserted Cities Of The Heart
In The Studio: Passing The Time
In The Studio: Politician
In The Studio: Pressed Rat And Warthog
In The Studio: Sitting On The Top Of The World
In The Studio: Those Were The Days
In The Studio: White Room
Live At The Fillmore: Crossroads
Live At The Fillmore: Spoonful
Live At The Fillmore: Toad
Live At The Fillmore: Traintime
Passing The Time
Passing the Time (alt. mix)
Passing The Time (By Ginger Baker & Mike Taylor)
Passing the Time (long version)
Passing the Time [Long Version]
Politician (By Jack Bruce & Pete Brown)
Pressed Rat and Warthog
Pressed Rat And Warthog (By Ginger Baker & Mike Taylor)
Sitting On The Top Of The World (By Chester Burnett)
Sitting On Top Of The World
Sitting on Top of the World (alt. mix)
Spoonful (Live at the Fillmore)
Sunshine of Your Love
Those Were The Days
Those Were The Days (By Ginger Baker & Mike Taylor)
Toad (Live at the Fillmore)
Traintime (Live at the Fillmore)
White Room
White Room (Non-CSG)