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100 Greatest Guitar Solos (1-10)
1991-07-02: Royal Albert Hall, London, England (disc 2)
1996-09-12: The Armani Party: Lexington Armory, New York, NY, USA
[ Album Image ] 2013-11-14 - Basel, Switzerland (Baloise Session)
After Midnight (Live)
Assorted Singles and Things
Backtrackin (disc 2)
Backtrackin' (Disc 2)
Backtrackin' (Disc Two)
Blood Brother
Blues CD2
Blues - CD2
Blues - CD 2
Blues (Disc 2 - Live)
Blues (disc 2: Live Blues)
Blues (Disc 2 - Live Disc)
Blues (Includes Bonus Disc Of Jams)
Blues Rehearsals
[ Album Image ] Complete Clapton
Complete Clapton (Disc 1)
Cream of Clapton
Crossroads 2
Crossroads 2 [CD4]
Crossroads 2 [Disk 4]
Crossroads 2: Live in the Seventies (disc 4)
Crossroads Box Set
Crossroads Box Set (Disc 2)
Crossroads (Disk 2)
Crossroads Guitar Festival 2010
Crossroads Guitar Festival 2013 [CD2]
Crossroads Revisited
Deuses da Guitarra
DI Radio Digital Impulse - Rock Hits
[ Album Image ] Eric Clapton
Eric Clapton Blues
[ Album Image ] Eric Clapton's Rainbow Concert
Eric Clapton Story
Hit The Road
Live At The Fillmore
Live in San Diego (with Special Guest JJ Cale)
Madison Square Garden, New York (CD1)
Madison Square Garden, New York [CD1]
Orchestra Night
Professor Blues Review Montreux
Rainbow Concert
Rainbow Concert [1995 Remaster]
Stop Running Away
Stop Running Away - Ahoy Hall, Rotterdam, Netherlands 1st June 2006 2-2
[ Album Image ] The Best of Eric Clapton
The Blues Concert - Disc 1
[ Album Image ] The Cream of Clapton
The Cream Of Eric Clapton
The Metro Boston
The Professor Blues Review
The Slowhand Masterfile
The Twelfth Night
The Twelfth Night (Disc 1)
The Very Best Of Cream
Wheels On Fire (Cream)
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