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Let It Rain


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100 Greatest Guitar Solos
100 Greatest Guitar Solo's
100 Greatest Rock Guitar Solos
1983-04-20: Bremen, Germany (disc 1)
20th Century Masters - Best Of
20th Century Masters The Best Of Eric Clapton
20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of Eric Clapton
20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection: The Best of Eric Clapton
[ Album Image ] 461 Ocean Boulevard
461 Ocean Boulevard (disc 2)
500 Greatest Rock & Roll Songs
500 Rock & Roll Songs
A figment of your imagination
Almost Home - San Jose - 7-31-2004
A Tribute To The Pirate Stations (Disc 2)
Audiophile Rock-Blues
Backtrackin' [02/02]
Backtrackin' (2 of 2)
Backtrackin' - CD 1
Backtrackin' (Disc 2)
Backtrackin' [Disc 2]
Backtrackin' Disc 2
Backtrackin' (Disc Two)
Bacoben's Rock Top 500
Bacobens Rock Top 500
Best Songs Of All Time
Chicago No Bad Blues CD 2
Classic Eric Clapton
Classic Rock Box
Classic Rock Collection
Classic Vinyl with Dusty Street – LIVE from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum
Complete CD 1
[ Album Image ] Complete Clapton
Complete Clapton (1966 - 1981)
Complete Clapton - CD 1
Complete Clapton [CD1]
Complete Clapton [Disc 01]
Complete Clapton (disc 1)
Complete Clapton (Disc 1)
Complete Clapton [Disc 1]
Complete Clapton Disc 1
Complete Clapton-Disc 1
Complete Clapton, Disc 1
Complete Clapton (Standard Release)
Crossroads Box Set
Crossroads (disc 2)
Crossroads [Disc 2]
Crossroads Disc 2
Crossroads [Disk 2]
[ Album Image ] Eric Clapton
Eric Clapton [24KT Gold]
Eric Clapton - Autobiografia 1
Eric Clapton (Deluxe Edition)
Eric Clapton [Deluxe Edition]
Eric Clapton Deluxe Edition
Eric Clapton (Disc-1: The Released Mix - Mixed by Tom Dowd)
Eric Clapton (disc 2)
Eric Clapton - Greatest Hits
Eric Clapton (MFSL UDCD 639)
Eric Clapton (Remastered)
Eric Clapton Sampler - Music Sales
[ Album Image ] Eric Clapton's Rainbow Concert
Fender 50th Anniversary Guitar Legends
Greatest Guitar Solos
Greatest Hits
Greatest Hits CD1
Greatest Hits Disc 1
Greatest Hits (Disc One)
Greatest Hits Eric Clapton
Greatest Rock Songs
Guitar Rock
Guitar Rock Classics
Guitar Rock - Classics
Guitar Rock: Classics
Icon 2 Collection
John Mellencamp Radio
L. Z. Was Here (disc 2)
Minnesota Night
Patch Adams
Rainbow Concert
Rock Top 500
Sounds of the Seventies: 1972
Stereoplay: The Best of Highlights II
The Bassmachine
The Best Of Eric Clapton 20th Century Masters The Millennium Collection
[ Album Image ] The Cream of Clapton
The Millennium Collection: The Best Of Eric Clapton
Those Classic Golden Years - Volume 06
Top 100 Greatest Guitar Solos
Ultimate Seventies 1972
Ultimate Seventies - 1972
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