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All Those Years Ago

by george harrison

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[ Album Image ] 181.fm - Awesome 80's
181.FM Awesome 80s
181.FM - The Beatles Channel
1981 Billboard
1981 Top 40 Compleet
80's Giga Hits Collection 09
80's Giga Hits Collection (Disk 9)
Bacobens Rock Top 500
BeGoodRadio - 80s Office
BeGoodRadio - 80s Pop
Best of Dark Horse
[ Album Image ] Best of Dark Horse 1976-1989
Best of Dark Horse 1976–1989
Best Of Dark Horse 1976-1989
Best Songs Of All Time
Billboard 1981
Billboard Top 100 - 1981
Billboard Top 100 of 1981
Billboard USA 1981 Top 100
Billboard USA Top 100 Hits of 1981
Billboard Year-End Chart of 1981
CD Title
Classic Rock Collection
Gen 80s
George Harrison, MBE
George Harrison MBE (Disc 2 of 2)
Greatest Hits
Greatest Hits Disc 1
HD Radio - Classic Rock
Let It Roll
[ Album Image ] Let It Roll: Songs By George Harrison
[ Album Image ] Let It Roll: Songs of George Harrison
Let It Roll: The Best of George Harrison
Live In Japan
Live In Japan CD2
Live in Japan (disc 2)
Live In Japan (With Eric Clapton & Band)
Mason Dixon Generation 80s
Mason Dixon Radio
Radio Skipper -The 80s Channel
Somewhere in England
Somewhere In England
Somewhere in England [Bonus Tracks]
Somewhere In England (Bonus Track Version) [Remastered]
Somewhere in England (Remastered)
STAR 107.9 FM
The 80's
The Best of Dark Horse (1976-1989)
The Best Of George Harrison
The Ultimate Rock Collection: Gold and Platinum, Volume 4 (1980 -1984)
The Ultimate Rock Collection Vol. 4 1980 - 1984 - Gold and Platinum
Time Life - The Ultimate Rock Collection - Gold And Platinum (Vol. 4)
Top 500 Rock and Roll Songs
Top Hits Of The 80's (1981 [Disc 2])
Unknown Album
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