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How to Train Your Dragon 2 (The Deluxe Edition)

by John Powell



Alpha Comes to Berk
Alpha Comes to Berk (Alternate, Album Version)
Battle of the Bewilderbeast
Battle of the Bewilderbeast (Alternate, Album Version)
Can We Start Over? / Who We Are
Challenging the Alpha / Two New Alphas, Pt. 1
Challenging the Alpha / Two New Alphas, Pt. 1 (Alternate, Album Version)
Dragon Racing (Alternate, Album Version)
Dragon Riders Drop In
Drago's Coming
Drago’s Coming
DreamWorks Animation Logo / Dragon Racing
Escaping the Dragon Trappers
Flying With Mother
Flying With Mother (Alternate, Album Version)
Get 'Em, You Son of Eret / Returning a Favor
Heart of a Chief, Soul of a Dragon (Suite)
Hiccup Confronts Drago
Hiccup the Chief / Something out There
How to Train Your Dragon 2 (End Titles)
I Grew Facial Hair for You / A Kidnapping
Losing Mom / Meet the Good Alpha (Lost & Found, Pt. 2)
Meet Drago
Meet Drago (Alternate, Album Version)
Men Who Kill Without Reason, Cannot Be Reasoned With
Mother and Son
Riding the Hatchlings
Should I Know You?
Stoick Finds Beauty
Stoick Finds Beauty (Alternate, Album Version)
Stoick Saves Hiccup
Stoick's Ship
Stoick's Ship (Alternate, Album Version)
The Chief Has Come Home / Two New Alphas, Pt. 2
Together, We Map the World
Together, We Map the World (Alternate, Album Version)
Toothless Found (Lost & Found Pt. 3)
Toothless Found (Lost & Found Pt. 3; Alternate, Album Version)
Toothless Lost (Lost & Found, Pt. 1)
Toothless Lost (Lost & Found, Pt. 1; Alternate, Album Version)
Valka's Dragon Sanctuary
Viking Air Raid / Me Likey
Where No One Goes (feat. Jónsi)
Where No One Goes (feat. Jónsi, Instrumental Reprise)
Will You Be My Wife Once Again? / A Family