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20th January 2020
28 January 2020
4 February 2020
4th March 2020
6 February 2020
A chat with Don Watson
A coup in Myanmar, Arms control and Biden’s change in direction. Exploring the Grimwade Collection.
America, Afghanistan and Addresses
America, Afghanistan & the global Mannix
America and Landscapes
America, COVID and gender and white fragility
America, Good news for regional newspapers? and dementia in US prisons
America, if Trump wins again; Yanis Varoufakis' post-capitalist world
America in crisis, the policing of America and the Barbarous Coast
American political chaos, Australians in Mosul and the evolution of comedy
American politics, how war shapes us and biologist Kropotkin
America, social housing and COVID, Vida Goldstein
America, Somaliland and learning from evolution
America, winning elections and chairs
Are skyscrapers the future? and the hounding of jazz legend, Billie Holiday
Australia and the Pacific; what's behind humans long connection to oak trees
Australia's history of censorship; the Hunter Valley convict history
Australia takes on big tech over news content, Afghan women and the peace talks, The Good Germans who resisted the Nazi's
Back to work in Ian Dunt's UK. The Kremlin, the KGB and the West. Former Vogue editor on Clothes and other things that matter.
Barry Jones on what is to be done next?
Bernard Collaery on East Timor; Politics of trees
Bougainville elections; who can save the Uyghurs from genocide; is Jared Kushner Trump's most dangerous enabler?
Brazil's three pressure points. The history of Cuban doctors serving abroad. The hunt for a Nazi fugitive.
Bring on the end of 2020
Britain's state of secrecy; the late, great, John Clarke
Bruce Shapiro, a divisive doco and Graham Berry
Bruce Shapiro - America Votes. How are Australian farmers faring? Lowitja O 'Donoghue - the biography of a remarkable Australian.
Bruce Shapiro, Australia's falling crime rate and the world's weirdest books
Bruce Shapiro, conspiracy psychology and Biosphere 2
Bruce Shapiro, David Rohde and Jeff Sparrow and James Bradley
Bruce Shapiro on US politics; Iran after the assassination; the rise of contemporary circus
Bruce Shapiro's America; America's unfinished business; 10 drinks that shaped Australia
Bruce Shapiro's America and President Trump's wars
Bruce Shapiro's America and Satyajit Das on the future of the world
Bruce Shapiro's America, ethics of vaccines and the lives of houses
Bruce Shapiro's America, globalisation and the pandemic, the Soviet internyet
Bruce Shapiro's America, Indian farmer protests and anti gravity devices (Update)
Bruce Shapiro, Stuart Rees on cruelty and the history of Qantas
Canberra Capers with Laura Tingle: Impunity for those who wage war; The Convent
Canberra, GameStop and Metazoa
Canberra politics, Russian protests and Australian publishing greats
Canberra politics, the Kosovo election and the link between trauma and genius
Canberra update; Angus Grigg on insider trading; and the reality of life as a spy
Canberra with Laura Tingle; History of the WHO; Creator of the Laugh Box
Carl Robinson - a memoir of the Vietnam War
Conservative view from the US; How the US election could end in disarray, the importance of not burning books
Countdown to the US Presidential Election and the real story of Breaker Morant
COVID-19, America, the Indo-Pacific and other threats to humanity
Covid-19 in Italy and the world in 1000 AD
Daniel McCarthy's America, a Marshall Plan for Africa and corporate denial
Daniel McCarthy's America, Japan's Covid mascot and wildlife trafficking
Daniel McCarthy's America, presidents and race and how budgerigars wooed the world
Daniel McCarthy's America, tear gas controversy and Iraq's looted antiquities
David Anderson congratulates Phillip on his 30 years on LNL. Glyn Davis on poverty and life's lottery. The end of the great acceleration.
David Frum's America; Our Law documentary; The Age of Islands
David Frum's America; Truth and reconciliation in Seychelles; Ned Kelly's gonzo journalists
David Frum's Trumpocalypse, Dominic Cummings and an angry Britain, the Illuminati conspiracy.
Democratic Convention, kicked out of China, who owns the Internet
Did the atom bomb need to dropped on Japan? Palestine's 100 year war. Australia's traitors and spies.
Don Watson - A Writing Life
Elections for Tokyo Governor; Why the humanities remain important; The world in 2030, according to Keynes
Europe's last dictator, Native American dispossession, the real Joe McCarthy.
Failures at The International Criminal Court, Papuan Lives Matter. A history of Porcelain in Europe.
Florence de Changy and Isabel Allende
Geoffrey Robertson and David Olusoga on museums of plunder
Geremie Barmé on China; Science vs. Trump; Can you be an ethical omnivore?
Goodbye Donald Trump, Hello Joe Biden
Has COVID-19 signalled the end of the American era?
Hong Kong protesters return. Deep sea mining and where did alphabetical order come from?
Hong Kong protests: Joe Biden; Remembering Freeman Dyson
Hong Kong Update, Australian perspectives on misinformation, International Brigades and the Spanish civil war.
How Europe sees Brexit, Good news for Iceland's whales and a challenge to big tech
How to help Australia's dairy farmers, Julian Assange's fight for freedom and the adventurous life of Nell Tritton.
Ian Dunt's history of liberalism. George Bridgetower: The black violinist who inspired Beethoven.
Ian Dunt's UK. A long history of electoral interference. Celebrating Zoe Caldwell and Judith Anderson.
Ian Dunt's UK. America's poisoning of the Pacific. H.G Wells a literary giant
Ian Dunt's UK. Australian farmers look beyond China. The secret life of the Savoy Hotel.
Ian Dunt's UK. David Frum and the remaking of the Republican party. The provocations J. M. Coetzee.
Ian Dunt's UK, Geopolitics and Western Sahara's claim for independence. The scientific event in 1914 that changed Australia.
Ian Dunt's UK. John Kerr and the Whitlam dismissal. Celebrity, gossip and American culture
Ian Dunt's UK post Trump. Understanding the world from Beijing's perspective. The history of Labassa House
Ian Dunt's UK. Synthetic media and the danger of deep fakes. The virus and the philosopher.
Ian Dunt's UK. The century so far: Indigenous economic empowerment. Remembering Japan's Mishima
Ian Dunt's UK, the legacy of slavery and the environmental cost of our plastic addiction
Ian Dunt's UK, Uber in California, the politicisation of intelligence
Ian's Dunt's UK and Australia's environmental laws reviewed
India stifles scrutiny; The view on the US election from Kansas; The tale of Captain Moonlite
Indigenous issues with Jack Latimore. Human rights in Saudi Arabia. Harnessing your inner voice.
Indonesia and COVID-19, 100 years of the Nats and Churchill and the Blitz
Iran's revolutionary generation gap; the enigma of US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas
Is it the end of the American era?
Japan after Abe Shinzo; Life and times of E.W.Cole founder of the Melbourne Book Arcade
Judicial activism and the High Court; A Jewish homeland in the NT?
Julian Assange’s extradition hearing. Is the end of oil closer than you think? Andrew Wakefield: the doctor who fooled the world .
Karen Middleton's Canberra; Australia's fruit picking crisis; Three perspectives on the British empire
Katharine Murphy's Canberra; Crisis in Ethiopia; Megan Davis on 20 years since the Bridge Walk for Reconciliation
Laura Tingle; Corporate Power in Australia; Invention of the Time Capsule
Laura Tingle; Crisis economics; Harvest
Laura Tingle; Intelligence coup; Time
Laura Tingle; Russian oil politics; Irish wounds
Laura Tingle's Canberra and Kevin Rudd on US-China relations
Laura Tingle's Canberra and 'Out of Eden': Retracing the steps of human migration
Laura Tingle's Canberra and Quarterly Essay; JBS Haldane revisited
Laura Tingle's Canberra, and the world's first 9/11 occurred in 1695
Laura Tingle's Canberra; Does Covid-19 discrimate?; Plight of Iraq Kurdistan; Jack Mundey RIP
Laura Tingle's Canberra; Future of Hong Kong; Hijacking the debutante tradition
Laura Tingle's Canberra; Goats - pest or produce? The life of J.B.S. Haldane
Laura Tingle's Canberra; How can we lay the groundwork for a better, more equitable nation?
Laura Tingle's Canberra; Indigenous water rights; Australia's most notorious tabloid
Laura Tingle's Canberra; Is Trump a fascist? Vale Owen Harries
Laura Tingle's Canberra; James Le Mesurier and the White Helmets; Anne Boleyn through the ages
Laura Tingle's Canberra; Jokowi, man of contradictions; Hugh Mackay's 'The Inner Self'
Laura Tingle's Canberra; Kerala & COVID-19; Raising rare breeds
Laura Tingle's Canberra; Lebanon crises; Doublespeak Awards
Laura Tingle's Canberra; Myanmar elections; How free speech became so complex
Laura Tingle's Canberra; Operation Condor; Australian women pilots
Laura Tingle's Canberra; Putin and the Navalny poisoning; The life and times of Samuel Griffith
Laura Tingle's Canberra; Reordering the world; What's wrong with getting old
Laura Tingle's Canberra; the life and work of Ken Inglis, Historian
Laura Tingle's Canberra; the price of life; the puzzling history of the Crossword
Laura Tingle's Canberra. The waning war on drugs in America.
Laura Tingle's Canberra; Towards nuclear chaos; Uluru statement 3 years on
Laura Tingle's Canberra; UK's Russia report; Ghost boats and flying squid
Laura Tingle's Canberra; Women lead the Belarus protests; The ancient amber route
Laura Tingle's Canberra; Zimbabwe's crackdown; Supporting Australian Stories on screen.
Laura Tingle's world; Melbourne towers lockdown; Washington's anti-communist crusades
Laura Tingle; The Lonely Century; Blood, oil and MBS
Libya, Irish election and Calamity Jane
LNL Monday 27th January 2020
Madeleine Albright on life's third act & an intimate history of the Victorian economy
Maria Ressa; On Blackness; Feeding dictators
Martin Amis's Inside Story
Mary Kostakidis on Assange trial; Preparing for the 'Age of Fire'; Henry Burgh, the man who gave rights to animals
National politics and scandals; Scotland after Brexit and was PT Barnum a master showman or master of humbug?
News from America, underemployment and life in an iron lung
North Korea and COVID 19. Geopolitics during the pandemic. Australia's original Radio Girl
Oliver Stone's autobiography Chasing the Light
Operation Gideon; Facebook moderators' stress; Lord Byron's scandalous ancestors
PacificAus TV initiative; French military in Africa; the odour of history
Pacific update and blackmarket guns
Peace and pandemics; France's 'deconfinement'; Newspaper ads in the age of Rembrandt
Pine Gap's peace crimes; the miracle typist of WW2's Polish Army
Political storytellling, Raising the age of criminal responsibility
Politics and Covid in Ian Dunt's UK. Fossil fuels and the Bolivian election. Journalist Geoff Kitney's memoirs
Politics with Paul Bongiorno; Towards a nuclear weapons ban; The radical rewilders saving the UK's endangered species
Richard Flanagan on his latest book and the true story of Captain Moonlite with Gary Linnell
Rush Limbaugh, conservation in Kenya and the stigma of mental illness
Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the origin of Armageddon
Rwandan genocide and a fugitive caught, Big pharma and COVID19, a history of soap.
Satyajit Das on COVID 19 and the financial system. Henry Reynolds, history and the costs of war
Simon Winchester
Solving the climate emergency; Indigenous storytellers on stage and screen
South China sea; Choking Huawei; David Williamson
Southeast Asia outlook, President Putin forever? An unexpected history of celebrity.
Statues removed in Ian Dunt's UK. Indigenous deaths in custody. Collaboration from WW2 to the White House.
The American response to Coronavirus, the history of pandemics and the threats to the Mekong
The atomic bomb turns 75
The crisis of the 2020s and beyond; the Falklands success story
The future of space and astro-politics
The latest from America and is Indigenous incarceration still on the rise?
The latest from America, how China censors Hollywood and living mindfully for a year
The latest from America, the new despots and Scullin & Curtin's early years
The promise of a President Biden; The grifters of Mar-a-Largo
The Republican Convention, white evangelicals and the fight for the Fens
The tragedy of the Murray-Darling Basin; Historian Russell Ward and his landmark study The Australian Legend
The US election and the midwest, a gold frenzy, and the German botanist
Tough times in Ian Dunt's UK. Public health, artificial intelligence and surveillance. Traditional Japanese culture under pressure.
True ghostly hauntings in Britain post WW1; and Harvard University's papyrus scandal
Trump's America, Tory cash and Andrew Boe
Trump's apocalypse and Ireland in 1922
Two showmen of their time: EW Cole and PT Barnum
UK politics and the Brexit deadline, Insects under threat and spice at any price
USA with Daniel McCarthy and Shakespeare in America
Us election result tensions, the tarnished Crown and songlines explained
US Election Special and Marie Younan's story
US Politics, Joseph Banks and the Mutant Project
US politics, rare earth metals, Hemingway's letters
US protest positives, Edward Snowden, Johny Pitts on Afropean
What does NAIDOC mean in 2020? American satirists from the 18th to 21st centuries
What do fossils, babies and Einstein tell us about the way our brains have evolved?; How plants think.
'Whatever it takes' in Ian Dunt's UK, Libya update and a biography of the idealist - Wendell Wilkie.
What we learnt from Wikileaks
Where to next for our empty universities? Mussolini's perfect fascist