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Worldwired Tour 2017-2019




Am I Evil? (Live Lisbon, Portugal 2.1.2018)
Atlas, Rise! (Live Cleveland, OH 2.1.2019)
Battery (Live Buffalo, NY 10.27.2018)
Blackened (Live Madrid, Spain 2.5.2018)
Blitzkrieg (Live Glasgow, Scotland 10.26.2017)
Breadfan (Live Leipzig, Germany 4.30.2018)
Confusion (Live Raleigh, NC 1.28.2019)
Creeping Death (Live Antwerp, Belgium 11.1.2017)
Cyanide (Live Madison, WI 9.2.2018)
Damage, Inc. (Live London, England 10.22.2017)
Die, Die My Darling (Live Krakow, Poland 4.28.2018)
Disposable Heroes (Live Lisbon, Portugal 5.1.2019)
Dream No More (Live Geneva, Switzerland 4.11.2018)
Enter Sandman (Live Indianapolis, IN 3.11.2019)
Fade to Black (Live Las Vegas, NV 11.26.2018)
Fight Fire with Fire (Live Copenhagen, Denmark 9.2.2017)
For Whom The Bell Tolls (Live Baltimore, MD 5.10.2017)
Frantic (Live Paris, France 5.12.2019)
Fuel (Live Copenhagen, Denmark 9.2.2017)
Halo on Fire (Live Cologne, Germany 9.16.2017)
Hardwired (Live Birmingham, AL 1.22.2019)
Harvester of Sorrow (Live Mannheim, Germany 2.16.2018)
Head Injury
Helpless (Live Antwerp, Belgium 11.3.2017)
Here Comes Revenge (Live Lubbock, TX 3.2.2019)
Hit the Lights (Live Budapest, Hungary 4.5.2018)
Holier Than Thou (Live El Paso, TX 2.28.2019)
King Nothing
Last Caress (Live Madison, WI 9.2.2018)
Leper Messiah (Live Albany, NY 10.27.2018)
Lords of Summer (Live Lisbon, Portugal 5.1.2019)
ManUNkind (Live Manchester, England 10.28.2017)
Master of Puppets (Live Krakow, Poland 4.28.2018)
Moth Into Flame (Live Penn State, PA 10.20.2018)
Motorbreath (Live Grand Forks, ND 9.8.2018)
No Leaf Clover (Live Minneapolis, MN 9.4.2018)
No Remorse (Live Portland, Oregon 12.5.2018
Nothing Else Matters (Live Paris, France 5.12.2019)
Now That We're Dead (Live Prague, Czech Republic 4.2.2018)
Of Wolf and Man (Live Lyon, France 9.12.2017)
One (Live Penn State, PA 10.20.2018)
Orion (Live Turin, Italy 2.10.2018)
Phantom Lord (Live Philadelphia, PA 10.25.2018)
Ride the Lightning (Live Fresno, California 12.9.2018)
Sad but True (Live Penn State, PA 10.20.2018)
Seek and Destroy (Live Oslo, Norway 5.2.2018)
Spit Out the Bone (Live Turin, Italy 2.10.2018)
St. Anger (Live Milan, Italy 5.8.2019)
Stone Cold Crazy (Live Manchester, England 10.28.2017)
The Call of Ktulu (Live Munich, Germany 8.23.2019)
The Day That Never Comes (Live Philadelphia, PA 10.25.2018)
The Four Horsemen (Live Helsinki, Finland 5.11.2018)
The God That Failed (Live Bucharest, Romania 8.14.2019)
The Memory Remains (Live Minneapolis, MN 9.4.2018)
The Outlaw Torn (Live Mannheim, Germany 8.25.2019)
The Shortest Straw (Live Birmingham, England 10.30.2017)
The Thing That Should Not Be (Live Zurich, Switzerland 5.10.2019)
The Unforgiven III (Live Lincoln, NE 9.6.2018)
The Unforgiven (Live Stockholm, Sweden 5.5.2018)
The Wait (Live Munich, Germany 4.26.2018)
Through the Never (Live Amsterdam, Netherlands 9.4.2017)
T.V. Eye
Welcome Home [Sanitarium] (Live Grand Forks, ND 9.8.2018)
Wherever I May Roam
Whiplash (Live Sacramento, CA 12.7.2018)
Whiskey in the Jar (Live Slane, Ireland 6.8.2019)