Damage, Inc.

by metallica

Appears on

17 Years in the Life of Metallica (disc 1)
1986/05/24 Cape Girardeau, MO
1986-05-25: Chicago, IL, USA
1986-05-30 - Davenport, Iowa
1986/08/01 Charleston, WV
1986/09/21 London, England
1986/09/21 London, GBR
1986 - Master Of Puppets
1987-02-13: Frolundaborg, Gothenburg, Sweden
1987/02/13 Gothenburg, Sweden
1988-09-11: MTK Football Stadium, Budapest, Hungary
2006/06/11 Dublin, Ireland
2007/06/29 Bilbao, ESP
2008.06.03 - Prague, Czech Republic
2008-08-09: Ozzfest, Dallas, TX, USA
2009/04/01 Paris, FRA
2009/12/07 Boise, ID
2010-01-24 - Orfeo Superdomo - Cordoba, ARG
2010/03/03 Monterrey, MEX
2011/07/09 Amneville, FRA
2011/12/05 San Francisco, CA
2013/03/01 Melbourne, AUS
2021-11-14: Welcome to Rockville: Daytona International Speedway, Daytona Beach, FL, USA
2022-06-15: Refshaleøen, Copenhagen, Denmark
30th Chopped and Twisted
…And Justice for All
Back In Black
BilbaoBBKLive [29-06-2007]
Bludgeoned By Heaviosity
Cliff's Last show
Europe 1987
Golden Collection of Metallica
Heavy Best
[ Album Image ] Jim Stoppani's ThePLayList Workout Songs
Kill 'Em All
La Grosse Radio Metal - Hard Heavy - From Paris - www.LaGrosseRadio.com
Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite, Metallica! (Blackened BLCKND029-2)
Live in London: Antipodean Tour Edition
Live In London (Antipodean Tour Edition)
Live in Milan
Live In The Fillmore (5/12/11)
Live Rehearsals At The Fillmore (Fan Can 5)
Mandatory Metallica 03 [PRCD-1945]
[ Album Image ] Master of puppets
[ Album Image ] Master of Puppets
[ Album Image ] Master Of Puppets
Master of Puppets (1989)
Master Of Puppets (1993 Australian Tour Gold Edition)
Master Of Puppets [1999 DCC Remastered]
Master of Puppets (2000 DCC 24K Gold Remastered)
Master Of Puppets [2010, Reissue, UICY-94664]
Master of Puppets [2010 SHM-CD Remaster]
Master Of Puppets [2010, UICY-94664]
Master Of Puppets (2013 Blackened BLCKND005-2)
Master Of Puppets [24/96]
Master of Puppets (24k)
Master Of Puppets (24kt Gold Dcc Compact Classic)
Master Of Puppets [32DP 448]
Master of Puppets [Bonus Tracks]
Master Of Puppets (CD MFN 60)
Master of Puppets [DCC 24k Gold Disc Remaster]
Master Of Puppets (DCC 24K Gold Remaster)
Master Of Puppets (DCC 24 KT Gold CD GZS-1133)
Master Of Puppets (Deluxe Box Set) [Remaster]
Master Of Puppets (Deluxe Box Set / Remastered)
Master Of Puppets (Explicit)
Master Of Puppets (Gold Edition)
Master Of Puppets (Gold Remaster)
Master Of Puppets (High-Quality Edition)
Master of puppets (Japan)
Master Of Puppets (Mexico Vertigo 838 141-2 (24)
Master Of Puppets (Remastered)
Master of Puppets (Remastered Deluxe Box Set)
Master of Puppets (Remastered) [Deluxe] [Box Set]
Master Of Puppets (Shm-Cd 2010)
Master Of Puppets (UICR-1054)
Master of Puppets (Unofficial Remaster)
Master Of Puppets (Vinyl) [WLP]
Master Of Puppets (W.Germany for USA, Elektra 9 60439-2)
Master Of Puppets (WLP)
[ Album Image ] Metallica
Metallica - Live in München 1
Pronounced' Leh-'Nerd 'Skin-'Nerd
Six Feet Down Under EP Part II
Six Feet Down Under EP, Part II
Six Feet Down Under (Part II)
Six Feet Down Under Part II (EP) [2757094]
Six Feet Down Under Pt. 2 (EP)
The Metallica Collection
The Unnamed Feeling, Part 1
The Very Best '98
The World Needs a Hero
Very Best '98
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