Seek & Destroy

by metallica

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17 Years in the Life of Metallica
17 Years In The Life Of Metallica (CD1)
17 Years in the Life of Metallica (disc 1)
1982-10-18: Old Waldorf, San Francisco, CA, USA
1982/10/18 San Francisco, CA
1983-12-18: Agora Ballroom, Cleveland, OH, USA
1983/12/18 Cleveland, OH
1983 - Kill 'Em All
1984/11/22 Toulouse, FRA
1984/12/20 London, GBR
1984-12-20: London, UK
1985/08/17 Donington, GBR
1985-08-17: Donington Park, Donington, UK
[ Album Image ] 1985-09-14: Loreley Metal Hammer Fest, Rheine, Germany
1986/05/24 Cape Girardeau, MO
1986-05-30 - Davenport, Iowa
1986/07/29 Chattanooga, TN
1986-07-29: UTC Arena, Chattanooga, TN, USA
1986/08/01 Charleston, WV
1986/09/21 London, England
1986/09/21 London, GBR
1987-02-13: Frolundaborg, Gothenburg, Sweden
1987-08-30: Creeping Death: Monsters of Rock, FCP Stadion, Pforzheim, West Germany
1989/02/03 Austin, TX
1989-02-03: Erwin Events Center, Austin, TX, USA (disc 2)
1989/05/17 Osaka, JPN
1992/07/18 East Rutherford, NJ
1992-07-18: Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ, USA (disc 2)
1992/09/27 Los Angeles, CA
1994-06-17: County Fairgrounds, Middletown, NY, USA (disc 2)
1994/06/17 Middletown, NY
1995/08/23 London, GBR
1995/08/23 London, UK
2003-06-08: Rock am Ring, Nürburgring, Germany
2003-06-08: Rock am Ring, Nürburgring, Germany (disc 1)
2003/07/13 Orlando, FL
2006-03-21: Durban, South Africa (disc 2)
2007-07-13: Vestereng, Aarhus, Denmark
2008-08-09: Ozzfest, Dallas, TX, USA
2008-08-24: Reading Festival, Reading, UK
2009-06-06: Foro Sol, Mexico City, Mexico (disc 2)
2010/05/14 Budapest, HUN
2014/03/18 Quito, ECU
2014/07/09 Vienna, AUT
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Good Apollo I'm Burning Star IV Volume One: From Fear Through The Eyes Of Madness
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Greatest Hits Part 1
Greatest Hits (Part I | CD1)
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[ Album Image ] Jump In The Fire
Kill 'em All
Kill ’em All
Kill'em All
Kill 'Em All
Kill ’Em All
Kill Ém All
Kill 'Em All [1988, 25DP 5339]
Kill 'Em All [1988 Reissue]
Kill 'Em All (1995 USA Elektra 960766-2)
Kill 'em All [1st Japan Press K25P 438]
Kill 'Em All (2006 Japaneese Reissue)
Kill'em All (2006 Japanese Reissue)
Kill 'Em All (2006 Japanese Reissue)
Kill 'Em All [2010 SHM-CD Remaster]
Kill 'Em All (2013 Blackened BLCKND003-2)
Kill 'Em All [2016, BLCKND003RD-1]
Kill 'Em All [2016, BLCKND003RD-1]: Live At The Keystone, Palo Alto, CA - October 31st, 1983
Kill 'em All (25dp 5339)
Kill 'Em All (CD 60766, Canada 1996)
Kill 'Em All (Deluxe Edition)
Kill 'Em All (Deluxe Remaster)
Kill 'Em All (Deluxe / Remastered)
Kill 'Em All (Elektra 9 60766-2)
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Kill 'Em All {MFSL vinyl}
Kill 'Em All {pbthal 24/192k vinyl rip}
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Kill 'em All (Shm-Cd 2010)
Kill 'Em All (with Bonus Tracks)
KISW Top 1000 of the Millennium
Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite, Metallica! (Blackened BLCKND029-2)
Liquid Metal - Heavy Metal
Liquid Metal with Jose
Liquid Metal With Shawn
Live at Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan - November 18th, 1986
Live By Request - SP
Live In Auckland 2004
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Live In San Diego
Live Rock am Ring 06-08-2003
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Live Shit: Binge And Purge [Disc 2] [Live]
Live Shit: Binge And Purge (Disc 2) [Live] [Box Set]
Live Shit: Binge and Purge Seattle
Live Shit - Binge & Purge
[ Album Image ] Live Shit Binge & Purge
[ Album Image ] Live Shit: Binge & Purge
Live Shit: Binge & Purge 2
Live Shit Binge & Purge cd2/3
Live Shit: Binge & Purge (disc 2)
Live Shit: Binge & Purge (Disc 2)
Live Shit: Binge & Purge [Disc 2]
Live Shit: Binge & Purge Disc 2
Live Shit: Mexico City - CD2
Live Sh*t : Binge & Purge CD2
Live Sh*t: Binge & Purge (Live In Mexico City)
Live S**t: Binge & Purge
Mandatory Metallica (USA Promo CD, Elektra PR 8071-2)
Master Of Puppets (Deluxe Box Set / Remastered)
[ Album Image ] Metallica
Metallica - Greatest Hits Part 1 CD1
Metallica & Megadeth Radio,Classic Heavy Metal/80's,90'sHardRock
Metallica The Greatest Hits
Music Heritage [Disc 2]
Night of the rivvit heads
No Life 'til Leather
No Life ’til Leather
No Life Till Leather
No Life'till Leather demo
Once More 'Round The Sun
One Last Visit
Orgullo, Pasion y Gloria
Orgullo, Pasion, Y Gloria [2728788]
Orgullo, Pasion y Gloria c.d 2
Orgullo, Pasion, Y Gloria (CD 2)
Orgullo, Pasión Y Gloria: Tres Noches En La Ciudad De México
Ozzy's Boneyard
Phenomenon (Deluxe Edition: 2019 Remaster)
Platinum [Disc 1]
Ram It Down
Reign In Blood (Expanded)
[ Album Image ] Ride the Lightning
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Rust In Peace
Shannon Gunz on Ozzy's Boneyard
Slashes, Crashes & Hits
Songs From Scandal: Music For Gladiators
Stairway to Rock Heaven (Star FM Top 100)
Super Van Vacation
Taking Over
The Apocalypse
The Best Of
The Best of Pink Floyd: A Foot in the Door
The Big 4: Live From Sofia, Bulgaria
The Big 4 Live From Sofia, Bulgaria CD4/5 Metallica
The Big 4 - Sonisphere Bulgaria
The Blues Is Alive And Well
The Greatest Hits
The Greatest Hits 2009
The Greatest Hits CD1
The Greatest Hits Disc I
The Great Southern Trendkill
The Metallica Collection
The Nexus
The Presidents of The United States of America: Ten Year Super Bonus Special Anniversary Edition
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Wherever we may Roam Tour '92
[ Album Image ] Whiplash
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