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by Pearl Jam



Act Of Love [Neil Young, With Neil Young, Toledo]
Against the 70s
All Along The Watchtower [Bob Dylan, With Neil Young, Toledo]
Alone [Boston 2]
anything in between
Baby Belunga [Bridge]
Bee Girl
Begin The Begin [R.E.M. Ed Vedder with R.E.M., Washington]
Better Man [Ed with Springsteen]
Bleed For Me [Dead Kennedys, Toledo]
Bu$hleaguer [Washington]
Cortez The Killer [Neil Young, PJ With Neil Young, Toledo]
Darkness On The Edge Of Town [Ed with Springsteen]
Diamonds On The Inside [With Ben Harper, Bridge]
Don't Gimme No Lip
Grievance [Washington]
Harvest Moon [Neil Young With Neil Young, Toledo]
Here's to the State of Mississippi
Hold On
In The Moonlight
I´ve Got A Feeling [Beatles, Boston 2]
Jazz Improv [Kissimmee]
Just a Girl
Kick Out The Jams [MC5, Grand Rapids]
Last Soldier [Impact Awards 2004]
Lion's Share [The Germs, Boston 2]
Master Of War [Bob Dylan, Letterman]
Master Of War [Bob Dylan, Washington]
Millworker [James Taylor, EV Solo, Grand Rapids]
new jeremy
No Surrender [Ed with Springsteen]
People Have The Power [Patti Smith, Ed with Springsteen, Stipe, Dave Matthews and More, Washington]
puzzle and game
Sad [Grand Rapids]
Save You [Washington]
Sweet Lew
The American in Me [The Avengers, Boston 2]
The New World [X, With Tim Robbins, Washington]
The Seeker [The Who, Acoustic version, ShowBox 05.2004]
The Seeker [The Who, Boston 2]
Timeless Melody [La's, with Death Ca2.For Cutie, Kissimmee]
(What's funny 'bout) Peace Love And Understanding [Ed with Springsteen and John Fogerty]
wishing well