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by Pet shop Boys



All Over The World
All Over The World (This Is A
All Over the World (This Is a dub)
All Over The World [This Is A Dub]
Beautiful People
Brits Medley
Building A Wall
Did You See Me Coming
Did You See Me Coming?
Did You See Me Coming? (from Yes)
Did You See Me Coming? (Sergey Smirnov Extended Mix)
Did you see me comming?
Gin And Jag
Glad All Over
I Cried For Us
It Doesn't Often Snow At Christmas
King Of Rome
Love Etc
Love Etc.
Love etc. (2018 Remaster)
Love etc. (Beautiful dub)
Love Etc. (Pet Shop Boys dub)
Love etc. (Pet Shop Boys sex mix)
Love Etc. [Pet Shop Boys Sex Mix]
Love etc. (PSB Mix) (2018 Remaster)
More Than A Dream
More Than A Dream (Magical Dub
More Than a Dream (Magical Dub)
My Girl
Night Song
One Night In Bangkok
Pandemonium (aka the timelords mix)
Pandemonium (Saint Ken's rock mix)
Pandemonium (The Stars And The
Pandemonium (The Stars and the Sun dub)
Pandemonium (the sun & the stars & the moon mix)
Pet Shop Boys "Brits" Medley
Pet Shop Boys - More Than A Dream (Stephen Gilham - PHD Extended Mix).m4a
The Brits 2009 Medley
The Dumpling Song
The Former Enfant Terrible
The Loving Kind
The Way It Used To Be
The Way It Used To Be (Left Of
The Way It Used to Be (Left of Love dub)
The Way It Used To Be [Left Of Love Dub]
This Used to Be the Future
Up And Down
Viva la vida / Domino Dancing
Vulnerable (Public Eye Dub)
Vulnerable [Public Eye Dub]
We're All Criminals Now
were all criminals now
We're All Criminals Now (Bonus Track - BSide "Love Etc")
Wings And Faith
Yes Megamix
Yes - Track by Track commentary by Neil and Chris