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The Antichrist

by slayer

Appears on

1983/08/12: The Roxy Club, Woodstock, LA
(1983) Show no Mercy
1985 Violent Brains - Dynamo Club Eindhoven
Angel of Death: Castle Donnington, Monsters of Rock 1992
Angel Of Death (Monsters Of Rock, Donington 1992)
Captors Of Sin (Bootleg)
Captos of sin
[ Album Image ] Decade Of Aggression
Decade Of Aggression (2CD)
Decade Of Aggression CD1
Decade Of Aggression (CD 1) [Germany Def American 510 605-2]
Decade Of Aggression CD1 (Live)
[ Album Image ] Decade of Aggression (Disc 1)
Decade of Aggression - Disc 1 of 2
Decade Of Aggression (Disc 1) [USA Longbox, Def American 9 26748-2]
[ Album Image ] Decade of Aggression: Live
Decade Of Aggression Live
Decade Of Aggression-Live (CD 1)
Decade Of Aggression: Live (CD1)
[ Album Image ] Decade of Aggression: Live (disc 1)
Decade of Aggression: Live Disc 1
From the Mixing Desk 1994
God Send Death (Moscow, Russia, Olimpiyskiy 2011.03.15)
Hell Awaits / Live Undead
Killing For A Living
Live at Luttenburg, NL
Live At Wacken 2014 (Germany Nuclear Blast NB 3592-2)
[ Album Image ] Live Undead
LIVE Undead (1985)
Live Undead (1993 USA Metal Blade 3984-14033-2)
Live Undead (France CD ZORRO 29)
Live Undead / Haunting the Chapel
Live Undead + Haunting the Chapel
Live Undead/Haunting The Chapel
Live Undead + Haunting The Chapel (Australia THRUST011)
Live Undead (incl. Haunting The Chapel)
Live Undead (Japan PHCR-4109)
Live Undead (Live)
Live Undead (RR 349574)
Live Undead (USA Laservideo Inc, Metal Blade 72217-2)
Nocturnal Spectre
Nocturnal Spectre (rehearsal)
Obscure And Obscene
Obscure and Obscene (Live)
Rips Up Waldrock
San Fransisco - The Stone - 23-08-1985
Save Our Souls (Berkeley, California, USA, 31 December 1984)
[ Album Image ] Show no Mercy
[ Album Image ] Show No Mercy
Show No Mercy (1993 Australia THRUST009)
Show No Mercy (1993 USA Metal Blade 3984-14032-2)
Show No Mercy (2004 Remastered)
Show No Mercy (CD ZORRO 7)
Show No Mercy (Demo)
Show No Mercy (Japanese Edition)
Show No Mercy (Japan PHCR-1107)
Show No Mercy (Japan Roadrunner RR 34 9868)
Show No Mercy (Korea Jigu Records JOCD-5023)
Show No Mercy (USA Metal Blade 71034-2)
Show No Mercy (USA Metal Blade 71034-2, Discovery Systems)
Show No Mercy (W. Germany Roadrunner RR 349868)
Sons Of Satan (Rare Live And Rehearsal 1983)
Soundtrack to the Apocalypse
[ Album Image ] Soundtrack To The Apocalypse
Soundtrack To The Apocalypse (BOX SET)
Soundtrack To The Apocalypse C
Soundtrack to the Apocalypse (disc 1)
Soundtrack to the Apocalypse - Disc 1 of 5
Soundtrack To The Apocalypse (Disk 1)
The Aggressive Comp - Best Of '83-'90
Till Death Do Us Part
Violent Brains
Violent Brains: live,1985-05-28: The Dynamo Club, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
War With Death (Bootleg, Disc 1)
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