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Recordings of Shortwave Numbers Stations

by The Conet Project



10 Rough Tones
2 Letter 'DM'
2 Letter 'EL'
2 Letter 'KG'
2 Letter 'MD'
2 Letter 'PN'
2 Letter 'RK'
2 Letter 'YS'
4 Figure Counting (10 Rough Tones)
4 Note Rising Scale
5 Dashes
5 Dashes (2)
5 Dashes (G13)
5 Note Version 'Czech Lady'
5 note version 'Czech Lady' (S10)
723 Papaqui
8 Note Rising Scale
Attencion/3 Finals
Bugle (S2B)
Counting 'Control'
Counting 'Control' (E14)
Counting (G5)
Counting in Polish
Counting Station (Spanish)
Counting Station (Spanish) (VSA)
Count in Russian
Czech Lady
Data Bursts 5.201khz USB and AM
DFD 21 (G14)
Drums & Trumpets
(E10A) Phonetic Alphabet - NATO
(E10) Phonetic Alphabet - NATO
(E13) 5 Dashes
(E14) Counting 'Control'
(E14) Counting ‘Control’
(E6) English Man
(E9) Magnetic Fields
English Lady - 00000 Ending
English Lady/00000 Ending
English Man
English Man Version 1
English Man Version 3
Exotic Cipher 6.215khz AM October 5th 2008 1927 GMT
Frank Young Peter
(G13) 5 Dashes
(G16) 2 Letter 'YS'
(G6) German Lady
German Lady
German Man
Gong Station/Chimes
Gong Station-Chimes (G3)
High Pitch Polytone (2)
High Pitch Polytone (3)
High Pitch Polytone (4)
Iran/Iraq Jamming Efficacy Testing
Konec Konec
M1 (197)
M1B (463)
M2 (712)
M3 (3)
M3 (4)
M3 (5)
(M3) M3
Magnetic Fields
Magnetic Fields (2)
New Star Broadcasting (V13)
NNN (English)
NNN (English; Current version)
NNN (German)
Nomer 101
Okno Okno Okno
Phonetic Alphabet - NATO (2)
Random Pop
Rapid Dots
Ready Ready (15728)
Ready Ready (15728) (E1)
(S13) Count in Russian
Spanish Lady (2 finals)
Spruchnummer 1
'Strich' (2)
'Strich' (English)
tcp d4 13 russian lady test count and message irdial
tcp d4 19 spanish lady 00000 ending irdial
tcp d4 20 spanish lady 00000 ending different voice irdial
tcp d4 21 eastern music station irdial
tcp d4 22 eastern music station different voice irdial
tcp d4 23 unidentified chinese station irdial
tcp d4 28 the backwards music station irdial
tcp d4 33 m1 irdial
tcp d4 34 m1b irdial
tcp d4 35 m2 irdial
tcp d4 36 m3 irdial
tcp d4 43 m3b irdial
The Backwards Music Station
The Buzzer
The Crackle
The Lincolnshire Poacher
The Lincolnshire Poacher (E3)
The Russian Man ('D-va' Northern Russian Voice)
The Swedish Rhapsody
Three Note Oddity
Three Note Oddity (G4)
(V6) Spanish Lady
(V8) Eastern Music Station
(XPH) High Pitch Polytone