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Recordings of Shortwave Numbers Stations - 1111 / CD5

by The Conet Project



Data Bursts, 5.201khz (USB and AM)
Descending Jammer, 7.969khz/USB
Down Up Tone
Drone, 17.964khz
(E10A) Phonetic Alphabet - NATO
(E10) Phonetic Alphabet - NATO
(E11) Oblique
(E11) 'Strich'
(E12) NNN
(E13) 5 Dashes
(E14) Counting 'Control'
(E14) Counting ‘Control’
(E15) Frank Young Peter
(E15) Nancy Adam Susan
(E15) Nancy Adam Susan (Male Voice)
(E16) 2 Letter 'KG'
(E16) 2 Letter 'MD'
(E16) 2 Letter 'RK'
(E17A) 2 Voices in One Transmission
(E17) English Lady - 00000 Ending
(E17) English Lady / 00000 Ending
(E1) Ready Ready
(E1) Ready Ready (15728)
(E21A) 4 Figure Counting (10 Rough Tones)
(E3) Iran / Iraq Jamming Efficacy Testing
(E3) The Lincolnshire Poacher
(E4) Cherry Ripe
(E5) English Lady
(E6) English Man
(E6) English Man Version 1
(E6) English Man Version 3
(E9) Magnetic Fields
Engine Room Drone
Exotic Cipher, 6.215khz/AM October 5th, 2008 19:27 GMT
(G11) Strich
(G11) 'Strich'
(G12) NNN
(G13) 5 Dashes
(G14) DFD 21
(G14) DFD21 / DFC37
(G14) Hier Ist DFC Sieben Und Dreizig
(G15) 2 Letter 'PN'
(G16) 2 Letter 'DM'
(G16) 2 Letter 'EL'
(G16) 2 Letter 'HK'
(G16) 2 Letter 'NU'
(G16) 2 Letter 'VO'
(G16) 2 Letter 'YS'
(G16) Sample Count
(G18) 8 Note Rising Scale
(G19) German Man
(G1) Tyrolean Music Station
(G20) Spruchnummer 1
(G20) Spruchnummer 4
(G21) Random Pop
(G22) Nomer 101
(G2A) The Swedish Rhapsody
(G3) Gong Station / Chimes
(G4) 3 Note I.S.
(G4) Three Note Oddity
(G5) 10 Rough Tones
(G5) Counting
(G6) German Lady
(G7) Achtung!
(G8) 4 Note Rising Scale
(G8) 'A'
(G8B) Rapid Dots
(G8) Voice Sample (1-10)
(M1B) M1B (463)
(M1) M1 (197)
(M2) M2 (712)
(M3A) M3A
(M3B) M3B
(M3) M3
Oscillating, 5.178khz, March 12th, 1997
(S10) 5 Note Version 'Czech Lady'
(S10A) 555 Konec
(S10) Czech Lady
(S11) Preska
(S12) Cherta
(S13) Count in Russian
(S14) 1-10 Announcement
(S14) Russian Counting Man
(S16) OLX
(S17A) Konec Konec
(S19) Pozor
(S21) Russian Lady
(S21) Russian Lady Test Count and Message
(S25) Russian Man
(S2B) Bugle
(S2) Drums & Trumpets
(S3) Okno Okno Okno
(S4) Nomer 198
(S5) 723 Papaqui
(S6) 298
(S6) 815
(S6E) 167
(S6) Russian Man
(S6) The Russian Man ('D-va' Northern Russian Voice)
(S7C) Moscow Coup Attempt
(S7/G7) English Man + German Lady
(S7) Russian Man Complete
(S8) YT
(S) Counting in Polish
(V12) NNN
(V13) New Star Broadcasting
(V18) NNN
(V19) Whiskey Tango Veinte Y Uno
(V1) Ciocîrlia
(V2A) Spanish Lady (2 Finals)
(V2) Attencion / 3 Finals
(V5A) Counting Station (Spanish)
(V5A) Spanish Counting
(V5) Spanish Counting
(V6) Spanish Lady
(V7) Spanish Man
(V8) Eastern Music Station
(V9) Oriental Language
(V) Chinese Numbers
(V) Unidentified Chinese Station
(X6) 6 Tones
(XB) The Buzzer
(XC) The Crackle
(XF) Faders
(XM) The Backwards Music Station
(XPH) High Pitch Polytone
(XW) Workshop
(XX) The Pip