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The Aeroplane Flies High (Deluxe Edition)

by The Smashing Pumpkins



1979 (Acoustic)
1979 (Acoustic version)
1979 (Sadlands Demo)
A/Ab/E/B/F# (Gravity Demo)
A/A♭/E/B/F♯ (Gravity Demo)
A Night Like This
Blaster Caster (Gravity Demo)
Bodies (Live In Philadelphia/1996)
Bullet With Butterfly Wings
Bullet with Butterfly Wings (2012 Remaster)
Bullet With Butterfly Wings (Live In Los Angeles/1996)
By Starlight (Double Door Rehearsal)
By Starlight (Live in Buffalo/1996)
Clones (We're All)
Cupid de Locke (Double Door Rehearsal)
Destination Unknown
Fuck You (An Ode to No One) (Live in Stockholm/1996)
Fuck You / An Ode To No One (Live In Stockholm/1996)
Galapogos (Double Door Rehearsal)
Germans In Leather Pants (Gravity Demo)
God (Live at the Double Door/1995)
Have Love Will Travel (8-Track Demo)
Hello Kitty Kat (Live At The Double Door/1995)
Here Is No Why (Double Door Rehearsal)
I Just Wanna Make Love to You (Live at the Double Door/1995)
Infinite Sadness (Siamese Outtake)
Jackboot (Gravity Demo)
Jellybelly (Live in Gent/1996)
Jupiter's Lament
Jupiter's Lament (Billy Solo)
Lily (My One And Only) (Double Door Rehearsal)
Lily (My One And Only) (Live In Washington, D.C./1996)
Little Ditty (Gravity Demo)
Love (Live At The Double Door/1995)
Marquis In Spades
Marquis in Spades (8-Track Demo)
Medellia Of The Gray Skies
Meladori Magpie
Meladori Magpie (Live At The Double Door/1995)
Millieu (Gravity Demo)
Mouths Of Babes
Mouths of Babes (Double Door Rehearsal)
Movers And Shakirs (Gravity Demo)
My Blue Heaven
New Wave Echo
New Waver (Gravity Demo)
On The Loose (Gravity Demo)
Pastichio Medley
Pissant (Live at the Double Door/1995)
Porcelina of the Vast Oceans (Live in Cleveland/1996)
Ravi Revi Roo (Gravity Demo)
Rings (Gravity Demo)
Rotten Apples
...Said Sadly
Set The Ray To Jerry
Set The Ray To Jerry (Double Door Rehearsal)
Silverfuck (Live In Copenhagen/1996)
Silverfuck (Live In Landover/1996)
Slurry (Gravity Demo)
Special Winner's Song (Live at the Double Door/1995)
Star Song (Dat Mix/Vocal Rough)
Stumbeleine (Live at the Double Door/1995)
Stumbleine (Live At The Double Door/1995)
Take Me Down (Instrumental)
The Aeroplane Flies High (Turns Left, Looks Right)
The Bells
The Boy
The Groover (Gravity Demo)
The Last Song
Thirty-Three (Live In New York/1996)
To Forgive (Double Door Rehearsal)
To Forgive (Live In Washington, D.C./1996)
Tonight, Tonight
Tonight, Tonight (Acoustic Version/Instrumental Rough)
Tonight, Tonight (Live In New York/1996)
Tonite Reprise
Tribute to Johnny
Ugly (Gravity Demo)
Ugly (Live at the Double Door/1995)
Ugly (Sadlands Demo)
Verily I Say (Gravity Demo)
Where Boys Fear To Tread (Live In Cleveland/1996)
X.Y.U. (Live In Los Angeles/1996)
You're All I've Got Tonight
Zero (8-Track Demo)
Zero (Live in San Francisco/1996)