Head Held High

by the velvet underground

Appears on

1970-01-05 Philadelphia, 2nd Fret
1970 - Loaded
1970 - Loaded : Fully Loaded Version
Chronicles (disc 2)
Collector's Dream
Everything You've Ever Heard About...
Fully Loaded
Live At End Of Cole Ave.
[ Album Image ] Loaded
Loaded [1987, 9-27613-2]
Loaded [2015, 081227953737]: CD1. Remastered
Loaded: 45th Anniversary Edition
Loaded (Disc 1)
Loaded [Disc 1]
Loaded (Fully Loaded Edition)
Loaded - Fully Loaded Edition
Loaded [Fully Loaded Edition]
Loaded: Fully Loaded Edition
[ Album Image ] Loaded: Fully Loaded Edition..
LOADED (Fully Loaded Edition)
Loaded (Fully Loaded Edition 1997) (disc 1)
Loaded (Fully Loaded Edition) (CD #01)
Loaded (Fully Loaded Edition) (cd 1)
LOADED (Fully Loaded Edition) (CD 1)
Loaded: Fully Loaded Edition (disc 1)
Loaded: Fully Loaded Edition [disc 1]
Loaded [Fully Loaded Edition] Disc 1
Loaded (Original Stereo Mix)
Loaded [RE 1987]
Loaded: Re-Loaded 45th Anniversary Edition
Loaded/Re-Loaded: Live at Second Fret, Philadelphia, May 9, 1970
Loaded/Re-Loaded: Loaded (Remastered)
Loaded (Remastered)
Loaded: The Fully Loaded Edition
Loaded (US Release)
Max's Kansas City Rehearsals, Summer 1970
Peel Slowly and See
[ Album Image ] Peel Slowly And See
Peel Slowly And See Box Set (disc 5 of 5)
Peel Slowly And See (CD5)
Peel Slowly and See (Disc 5)
Peel Slowly and See Disc 5
Peel Slowly And See Disc 5
Peel Slowly and See (disc 5: 1970)
Praise Ye The Lord
The Underground Sound - Punk & New Wave
Ultimate Mono & Acetates Album
What Goes On (Disc 3)
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