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by The who



A Legal Matter
Amazing Journey
Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere
A Quick One, While He's Away
Baba O'Riley
Baba O’Riley
Barbara Ann
Behind Blue Eyes
Bell Boy
Boris the Spider
Bucket T
Cobwebs and Strange
Cousin Kevin
Cut My Hair
Doctor, Doctor
Doctor Jimmy
Don't Look Away
Dreaming From The Waist (Live At Swansea Football Ground, 1976)
Early Morning Cold Taxi
Empty Glass
Eyesight to the Blind (The Hawker)
Fiddle About
Fortune Teller
Getting in Tune
Going Mobile
Go to the Mirror!
Guitar And Pen
Guitar And Pen (Olympic '78 Mix)
Guitar and Pen (Olympic ’78 mix)
Had Enough
Happy Jack
Happy Jack (acoustic version)
Helpless Dancer
I Am the Sea
I Can't Explain
I Don’t Mind
I'm a Boy
I'm Free
I’m One
I Need You
Instant Party (Circles)
In the City
Is It in My Head?
It's a Boy
It's Not True
I've Been Away
I’ve Had Enough
Join Together
La-La-La Lies
Life With The Moons
Love Ain't for Keepin'
Love Ain’t For Keeping
Love Is Coming Down
Love Is Coming Down (Work in Progress mix)
Love Reign o'er Me
Love, Reign O’er Me
Magic Bus
Man With the Money
Much Too Much
Music Must Change
My Generation
My Generation / Land of Hope and Glory
My Wife
My Wife (Live At Swansea Football Ground, 1976)
New Song
No Road Romance
Out in the Street
Pete Dialogue
Pete Dialogue (Live At Leeds University, 1970)
Pinball Wizard
Please, Please, Please
Run Run Run
Sally Simpson
Sea and Sand
See Me, Feel Me (Live At Leeds University, 1970)
See My Way
Sister Disco
Slip Kid
Smash the Mirror
Song Is Over
So Sad About Us
Squeeze Box
Studio Dialogue
The Acid Queen
The Dirty Jobs
The Good's Gone
The Kids Are Alright
The Ox
The Punk and the Godfather
The Real Me
The Rock
The Song Is Over
(This Could Be) The Last Time
Tommy Can You Hear Me?
Tommy's Holiday Camp
Trick Of The Light
We're Not Gonna Take It
We're Not Gonna Take It (From 'Tommy')
Whiskey Man
Who Are You
Who Are You (Lost Verse Mix)
Who Are You (Single Version)
Won't Get Fooled Again
You Better, You Bet
Zoot Suit (As the High Numbers)