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My Generation (50th Anniversary / Super Deluxe)

by The who



A Legal Matter
A Legal Matter - 2014 Stereo Mix
A Legal Matter (2014 Stereo Mix)
Anytime You Want Me
Anytime You Want Me - Mono Version
Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere (French EP Version)
Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere (Mono Version)
As Children We Grew
Bald Headed Woman (Mono Version)
Circles (Revised Mono Version)
Daddy Rolling Stone (Alternative Take / 2000 Remix)
Daddy Rolling Stone (Mono Version)
I Can't Explain
I Can't Explain - Mono Version
I Can't Explain (Mono Version)
I Don't Mind
I Don't Mind - 2014 Stereo Mix
I Don't Mind (2014 Stereo Mix)
I Don't Mind (Full Length Version / 2000 Remix)
I'm A Man
I'm A Man - 2014 Stereo Mix
I'm A Man (2014 Stereo Mix)
I'm A Man (Version 2 / Early Vocal Version / 2000 Remix)
Instant Party Mixture (Mono Version)
It's Not True
It's Not True - 2014 Stereo Mix
It's Not True (2014 Stereo Mix)
La-La-La- Lies
La-La-La Lies (2014 Stereo Mix)
Lubie (Come Back Home) (Mono Version)
Much Too Much
My Generation
My Generation - 2014 Stereo Mix
My Generation (2014 Stereo Mix)
My Generation - Alternative Version / 2000 Remix
My Generation (Alternative Version / 2000 Remix)
My Own Love
Out In The Street
Out In The Street (2014 Stereo Mix)
Out In The Street (Alternative Early Vocal Version / 2000 Remix)
Out In The Street (Alternative Guitar Break Version / 2000 Remix)
Please Please Please
Please, Please, Please - 2014 Stereo Mix
Please, Please, Please (2014 Stereo Mix)
Shout And Shimmy
Shout and Shimmy (mono version)
The Girls I Could've Had
The Girls I Could've Had - Demo / 2016 Mix
The Girls I Could've Had (Demo / 2016 Mix)
The Good's Gone
The Good's Gone (2014 Stereo Mix)
The Good's Gone (Full Length Version / 2000 Remix)
The Kids Are Alright
The Kids Are Alright - 2014 Stereo Mix
The Kids Are Alright (2014 Stereo Mix)
The Ox
The Ox (2014 Stereo Mix)