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Today, Explained

by Vox



100,000 is an undercount
10 Downer Street
1600 Coronavirus Avenue 🅴
7,300 days
8 billion humans
Abortion pills
A cancer vaccine?
A cure for sickle cell?
Adderall via Instagram
A Fake News Survival Guide
Africa wants its stuff back
After the Green Rush
A grande victory for Starbucks workers
A gun policy game-changer
All-American divorce
America has Afghanistan’s money
America is so Messi
America’s most successful downtown?
America still can’t agree on its insurrection
Amy Coney Barrett
Andrew Tate: The king of toxic masculinity
A new law to “save the animals”
An inconvenient glacier
A phone call from Ukraine
A pope in AI’s clothing
A postpartum pill
Apple’s $3,500 goggles
A priest explains Putin’s “holy” war
Are we in a recession?
Are you vaxxed, fellow kids?
A rough week for mask mandates
Art-ificial intelligence
Asia's second wave
Ask for Jane
A Syrian war criminal is actually going to prison
A tents standoff at the VA
A third nuclear superpower
Auditing Ukraine
Authoritarianism, baby!
Autoworkers slam the brakes
A vaccine for RSV
A woman’s place is at the polls
BA.5 and DIY Covid
Back to school loans
Banning Russian oil
Ban TikTok?
Barbie Dreampodcast
Beware the Madness of March
Biden goes to Israel
Biden’s border orders
Bitcoin Bonnie and Clyde
Blame Capitalism: Degrowing pains
Blame Capitalism: Profit over everything
Blame Capitalism: Souring on the system
Blame Capitalism: The 99%
Block the sun, save the earth?
Block the vote?
Boris Johnson presents: Motel Rwanda
Brazil’s January 6?
Breaking Russia’s banks
"Break the Senate"
Brett Favre and the Mississippi welfare fraud
Breyer to Reteyer
“Bringing the border to Biden”
Brittney Griner for the Merchant of Death
Buffalo Billions
California is becoming uninsurable
Can Beto flip Texas?
Canceling Russian culture
Can power plants go green?
Can Threads unravel Twitter?
Can Title IX protect trans athletes?
Can women fix the police?
Capitol punishment
Caste away
Charles in charge
Childproofing Pornhub
Chile’s millennial president
China’s biggest protests since Tiananmen Square
China’s grip on Hollywood
China’s Winter Olympics (feat. Covid-19)
China’s young and restless
C is for Culture War
City Limits: Beware the Doom Loop
City Limits: Blame the mayor
City Limits: Crime vibes
Cocaine hippos (and the case against pets)
Compost yourself
Congress is daddy
Contact tracing President Trump
Covid is “over”
Covid, kids, and a mystery illness
Criminal referrals for Donald Trump
Crypto’s crown prince in court
Cupid-19 🅴
Curious Georgia
Dark Brandon
Death of a Hot Dog Salesman
Decisions after Dobbs
Defunding Covid-19
Democratizing spying
Dictator Jr.
Did anyone defund the police?
Did Joe Manchin just save the planet?
Did we just invent telepathy?
Digging tunnels for cars
Dinner and a Modi
Disaster unpreparedness
Disney’s boomerang CEO
Disney vs. DeSantis
Do I have to care about the Twitter Files?
“Don’t Say Gay”
Do you believe in magic?
Dr. Fauci on pandemic politics
Driver’s license to kill
Dr. Oz and the celebrity politician
Dry February?
Dry Hot American Summer
Ed Sheeran and the “Blurred Lines” effect
El Salvador’s bet on bitcoin
Europe’s looming energy crisis
Even more forever chemicals
Everybody’s moving to Florida
Fake Drake
Fighting climate despair
Fine dining isn’t fine
Finland and Sweden have entered the chat
Florida man indicted
Florida man indicted (again)
Florida man indicted (again) (again)
Florida man indicted (again) (again) (again)
Formula None
Free Brittney (Griner)
From Kabul’s airport to Virginia’s burbs
From North Korea with Love
From Pac-12 to Pac-2
From Russia with cash
FYI those telescope photos are kinda fake
Gen Z in the House
Get used to higher interest rates
Good news
Gun laws that work
Hannah Gadsby and “Pablo-matic" Picasso
Has the gun control movement failed?
Health care’s post-Roe nightmare
Heat waves been faking me out
He's Ronning
He’s running
“Hey Google,” the United States is suing you
Hint of crime
Hollywood’s IP industrial complex
Hollywood writers are ready to strike
Honey, I shrunk the kids’ tax credit
Honey, they stole the bees
Hot and bothered
Hot topic
How Brett Kavanaugh views time
How Dylan got inflation wrong
How often can you get Covid?
How Palestinians view Hamas
How the Saudis bought pro golf
How the US learned to love sanctions
How this Syria raid was different
How to lose a democracy in 10,000 days
How to not give up on guns
How to save a murderer
How to save kids from online extremism
How wellness killed Jenny Craig
How will coronavirus end?
How Zelda changed gaming
Hunter becomes the hunted
“I can’t breathe.” Again.
ICE and involuntary hysterectomies
If Republicans win the midterms
In Google we antitrust
Innocence is not enough
Inside a Trump rally
Inside the Actors Strike
Inside the AI factory
Instagram’s identity crisis
Introducing Reset
Is abortion in the Constitution?
Is ethical investing a sham?
Is everything trauma now?
Is Facebook ready for the election?
I should have applied for a fraudulent PPP loan
Is Patagonia fleecing the IRS?
Israel, Hamas, and how we got here
Is Russia a state sponsor of terror?
Is the stock market bull?
Is the war in Ukraine unwinnable?
Is Ukraine losing now?
Is Ukraine winning now?
It ain’t over 'til the crawdads sing
It’s debt ceiling season
It’s time to talk about Mike Pence
I want you! (to fight the culture war)
I wish I was a little bit taller
Joe Biden, r u ok?
Joe Biden’s Saudi vacation
Joe Biden’s tampon shortage
Joe Versus the Volcano
Johnson & Johnson’s “bankruptcy”
Just how dangerous is the Ohio train crash?
Justice Alito’s opinion
Justice For Breonna Taylor (Part II)
Just one year to go!
Kari Lake is MAGA’s rising star
Kenosha 🅴
Ketanji Brown Jackson
Kevin McCarthy wants you to get a job
Kids sue Montana over climate change
Let’s eat lab meat
Let’s talk about Hunter Biden
Let’s talk about ventilation 🅴
Let’s untangle the Second Amendment
Let’s vent about guns
Life on the Russia-Ukraine border
Little influencers, big business
Liz Cheney is losing (and winning)
Made in China
#MahsaAmini was just the beginning
Make it rain
Mall cop nation
Man’s best friend banned in UK
Mariupol under siege
Mask on? Mask off?
Meet the New Right
Megan Thee victim
Merrick Garland’s dilemma
Microdosing goes mainstream
Missing Chapter 🅴
Monkeypox is a queer emergency
Murder, Canada Wrote
Music’s nostalgia-industrial complex
Nancy podcast
NASA wants to live in space
NATO to Ukraine: Not yet
New Mexico low-key fixes child care
New variant just dropped
Nikki Haley kicks off a Republican mutiny
No red wave
No substitutes for the substitutes
Novax Djokovic
“Okay, Google, what’s a monopoly?”
Ok, Bloomberg
ok groomer
Old Country for Old Men
One earthquake, two recoveries
One man’s crusade against Roe v. Wade
Operation Flex
Our (machine) gun problem
Pakistan’s vote of no Khanfidence
Pakistan wants climate reparations
Parking is a lot
Paying ex-gang members to stop shootings
Pelosi in Taiwan
Permanent daylight saving time?
Peru’s democracy crisis
Phantom ghosts Broadway
Pharrell Vuitton
Power-tripping sheriffs
Pow pow power grid
Puerto Rico’s power crisis
Pushing the Russians back
Putin’s fake elections
Putin’s war comes to Russia
Putin’s war spills into space
Radio, someone still loves you
RBG’s seat
Real Housebans of Tallahassee
Rep. Frost and David Hogg on what Gen Z wants
Replacing Boris Johnson
R-E-S-P-E-C-T (for Marriage Act)
RFK goes rogue
Riding in Cars with Robots
Roe v. Wade v. God
Roe v. Wade v. Roberts
Russia’s back-to-school plan for Ukraine
Russia’s mercenary army
Sarah Palin v. The New York Times
#SeAcabo: Spain’s World Cup reckoning
Shein trouble
Shinzo Abe’s call to arms
Should Congress be able to trade stocks?
Should you blow up a pipeline?
Should you carry Narcan?
Sickened chickens
Silicon Valley Bank goes bust
Six feet away
Small nukes
So I elected an autocrat
So I unelected an authoritarian
(Some) Omicron answers
Sound of Freedom
South Korea’s incoming “anti-feminist” president
So you think you have Covid-19
Space trash
Spotify’s Joe Rogan problem
Sri Lankans have had enough
Student loan forgiveMESS
Suing big food
Supreme Court: Race need not apply
Table for 10 billion, please
Target-ing Pride
Taxing traffic
Taylor’s version
Thanks but no tanks, Ukraine
Thanks, Obama
The ’90s throwback no one wants
The Adderall shortage
The air-istocracy
The Americans fighting for Ukraine
The best and worst of Tom Brady
The blood diamond of batteries
The case against masks
The case against movie trailers
The case for ending the filibuster
The case of the fake Basquiats
The Discord leaks
The end of January 6
The epicenter of the epicenter
The fake nation of Kailasa
The fastest economic collapse ever
The fatwa against Salman Rushdie
The fight for affordable insulin
The fight over AP African American Studies
The forever chemicals in your blood
The FTX cryptocalypse
The great American cattle swindle
“The greatest night in the history of television”
The half-baked gas stove debate
The high cost of cheap clothes
The immunity test
The isolation of Vladimir Putin
The Israeli-Israeli conflict
The James Webb Space Telescope
The James Webb Time Machine
The Joshua Generation
The Kia Boyz are coming for your car
The kids defying family court
The killing of Jordan Neely
The “Lean In” era is over
The man behind Russia’s mutiny
The man with a pig heart
The many lies of George Santos
The Moscow murders
The most important election of 2023
The National Guard is tired
The new border crisis
The new Cold War
The new fight over abortion pills
The new meth
The New Right’s pay pal
The new war in Sudan
The Olympics on thin ice
The other eight debate
The parody-proof president
The police killing of Tyre Nichols
The politics of India’s biggest blockbusteRRR
The prisoner swap for Brittney Griner
The queen is dead
The real and imagined history of Ukraine
The Real Housewives of Today, Explained
The rehabilitation of Bashar al-Assad
The Reopening States of America
The Republicans breaking up with Tucker Carlson
The Rikers takeover
The rise and fall of the “millennial lifestyle subsidy”
The rockstar maestro
The Senate’s age-old old age problem
The shadow war on Russian yachts
The shooter's parents
The shooters were 18
The six D-words of climate change
The Supreme Court is back and “even more consequential”
The Supreme Court’s corruption crisis
The Taliban vs. women
The tech boom is over
The Texas transgender panic
The threat of Russian cyberwar
The Today, Explained Center for Kids Who Can’t Read Good
The true story of The Woman King
The truth about herd immunity
The US is obsessed with China
The war on drag
The water crisis in Jackson, Mississippi
The year in revue
This country is a lot right now
This is the future Joe Biden wants
Throwing money at the migrant crisis
Throwing soup at art
Ticketmaster (Taylor’s Version)
Today (should be a holiday), Explained
Too much water for California
Top Fun: Oscars vs. blockbusters
“To [REDACTED] a Mockingbird”
Trigger bans
Trumpbilly Elegy
Trump loses sexual abuse lawsuit
Trumpster fire
Turkey's man-made catastrophe
Twitter’s new Musk
Ukraine’s counteroffensive
Ukraine’s pipeline problem
(Ukrainian) refugees welcome!
Ukrainians (and Russians) meet US Border Patrol
Umami Mama
Uncle Sam really wants you
Unconventional (Part II)
Unraveling Roe
Vacation ... all I ever wanted?
Vivek Ramaswamy explains himself
Volodymyr vs. Vladimir
War with Iran?
Weapons of cash destruction
We don’t know how AI works…
Weekend at Bernie’s
We Need to Talk About Kevin
…We’re trusting it anyway
We scored Biden’s first year
What does the Fox pay?
What do we owe future humans?
What happened to Peng Shuai
What if we saw the gunshot wounds?
What if you could talk without speaking?
What if you HAD to vote?
What is QAnon?
What Russians think of Putin’s war
What’s the dill with pickleball?
What’s up, docs?
What the January 6 committee has found (so far)
What the truck is happening in Canada?
What was Putin the tea?
When an election denier becomes election chief
Where did the recession go?
Where Medicare-for-all is real
Who are the Proud Boys? 🅴
Who killed Malcolm X?
Who polices the police? 🅴
Who shot ya, Tupac?
Why America loves a Jackass
Why American sunscreen sucks
Why are businesses acting like there’s a recession?
Why are more children crossing the border?
Why everyone’s mad about equity
Why gaslighting is the word of the year
Why little kids don’t have vaccines
Why Marvel movies look bad
Why Maui burned
Why Mexico’s top cop is on trial in NYC
Why newspapers fired Dilbert
Why parents are suing social media
Why Russia arrested an American reporter
Why Russians still support the war
Why Russia sent its janky version of NATO to Kazakhstan
Why stuff isn’t getting cheaper
Why Sweden stayed open
Why the economy feels bad right now
Why the internet hates Amber Heard
Why the right is thirsty for Hungary
Why the Ukraine war happened
Why the US is suing Amazon
Why top Republicans want to invade Mexico
Why Ukraine has to fight Russia alone
Why Ukraine matters
Why Ukraine won’t quit
Why we’re all on antidepressants
Why we still can't predict tornadoes
Will Covid-19 cancel the holidays? 🅴
Will Kevin McCarthy become speaker?
Will omicron speed up the pandemic’s end?
Will “parental rights” mobilize Muslims?
Woke, woke, woke, woke, woke
World Cup: How 2 B a legend
World Cup: They built this city
Wrestling with Vince McMahon
You can’t spell “dysfunction” without the UN
You know nothing, HBO
Your long Covid questions, answered