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Chrono Trigger

by Yasunori Mitsuda



1000 AD part 1
1000 AD part 2
600 AD
A Desolate World
Ambience: Fall of Zeal
A Prayer to the Road that Leads
A Premonition
A Shot of Crisis
A Strange Happening
At the Bottom of Night
Ayla's Theme
Battle 1
Battle 2
Battle 2 (Unreleased)
Battle With Magus
Bike Chase
Blackbird (Inside)
Blackbird (Outside)
Black Dream
Black Omen
Boss Battle 1
Boss Battle 2
Breath of Lavos
Brink of Time
Chrono & Marle
Chrono Trigger
Chrono Trigger (Finale)
Chrono Trigger (Looped)
Chrono Trigger part 1
Chrono Trigger part 2
Chrono Trigger Theme.mp3
Confusing Melody
Corridor of Time
Corridors of Time
Corridors of Time (Acquarium Bootleg)
Courage and Pride
Critical Moment
Crono and Marle (A Distant Promise)
Delightful Spekkio
Depths of the Night
Derelict Factory
Dome-16's Ruin
Epilogue - To Good Friends
Epilogue ~ To Good Friends
Epilogue ~To Good Friends~
Epilogue (To My Dear Friends)
Epoch (Wings of Time)
Fall of Zeal
Fanfare 1
Fanfare 1 (Lucca's Theme)
Fanfare 2
Fanfare 3
Far Off Promise
Festival of Stars
First Festival of Stars
Frog's Theme
Gato's Song
Gonzales' Song
Green Memories
Guardia Castle
Guardia Castle ~ Courage and Pride ~
Guardia Castle (Pride and Glory)
Guardia Millenial Fair
Guardia Millennial Fair
Ioka Dance
Johnny's Theme
Kingdom Trial
Lab 16's Ruin
Last Battle
Lavos's Theme
Lavos Stirs
Lavos Stirs (Faster)
Lavos' Theme
Lavos' Theme (Extended)
Leene's Bell
Magus Battle
Magus Battle(orchestrated)
Magus' Castle
Manoria Cathedral
Memories of Green
Millennial Fair
Morning Glow
Morning Sunlight
Mystic Chanting
Ocean Palace
Ocean Palace.mp3
Ocean Waves
Ozzie Laugh
Ozzie Scream
Peaceful Day
Peaceful Days
Primitive Mountain
Quiet Beach
Rain and Flowing Water
Rat-a-Tat-Tat It's... Mitsuda
Remains of Factory
Remains of the Factory
Rhythm of Earth, Wind, and Sky
Rhythm of Wind, Sky and Earth
Rhythm of Wind, Sky, and Earth
Robo Gang Johnny
Robo's Theme
Ruined World
Schala's Theme
Sealed Door
Secret of the Forest
Silent Light
Singing Mountain
Singing Mountain (unreleased)
Site 16
Spekkio's Theme
Strange Occurrences
Strong Wind
The Brink of Time
The Day the World Revived
The End of Time
The Final Battle
The Hidden Truth
The Hidden Truth (Looped)
The Last Day of the World
The Trial
Those Without the Will to Live
Time Circuits
Time Vortex
To Far Away Times
Truce Canyon
Tyran Castle
Tyranno Lair
Underground Sewer
Undersea Palace
Unknown Fanfare
Wind Scene
Wings That Cross Time
World Revolution
Zeal Palace