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Chrono Trigger Original Soundtrack

by Yasunori Mitsuda



A Desolate World
A Meeting With Destiny
Amusing Spekkio
A Prayer for the Wayfarer
A Premonition
A Presentiment
At the End of Time
Ayla's Theme
Ayla's Theme (Arranged)
Ayla's Theme (Arrange Version)
Battle 2
Battle with Magus
Black Omen
Boss Battle 2
Burn! Bobonga! / Frog’s Theme / To the Outskirts of Time (Arranged Version)
Chrono and Marle ~Distant Promise~ (Arranged ver. 1)
Chrono Trigger
Chrono Trigger (Arranged ver. 1)
Chrono Trigger (Arranged ver. 2)
Chrono Trigger (Arrange version 1)
Chrono Trigger (Arrange version 2)
Chrono Trigger (Arrange version 3)
Corridor of Time
Corridors of Time
Critical Moment
Crono & Marle ~A Distant Promise~
Crono & Marle: A Distant Promise
Crono & Marle: A Distant Promise (Arrange version 1)
Crono & Marle: A Distant Promise (Arrange version 2)
Decisive Battle with Magus
Delightful Spekkio
Depths of the Night
Derelict Factory
Eira no teema
Ending / Burn! Bobonga! Burn! / Frog's Theme / Outskirts of Time (Arrange version)
Epilogue ~To Close Friends~
Epilogue ~To Good Friends~
Epilogue ~To My Dear Friends~
Epilogue: To My Dear Friends
Extras Mode ~Frog's Theme Intro Plus~
Extras Mode (Frog's Theme Intro Plus)
fanfaare 3
Fanfare 1
Fanfare 2
Fanfare 3
Festival of Stars
Frog's Theme
Frog's Theme (Arranged)
Frog's Theme (Arrange version)
Gato's Song
Good Night
Green Memories
Guardia Castle ~Pride & Glory~
Guardia Castle: Pride & Glory
Guardia Kingdom Millennial Fair
Guardia Millenial Fair
Guardia's Millennial Fair
Johnny of the Robo Gang
Johnny of the Robot Hotrod Squad
Jolly Ol' Spekkio
Lavos's Theme
Lavos’s Theme
Lavos' Theme
Magus Confronted
maou kessen
Morning Glow
Ocean Palace
One Sunny Day When We Met
oukoku saiban
Outskirts of Time
Peaceful Days
Reckless Robo Gang Johnny
Rhythm of Earth, Wind, and Sky
Robo Gang Johnny
Robo's Theme
Sara's Theme
Sara’s Theme
Sara's Theme (Arranged)
Scattering Blossoms
Schala's Theme
Schala's Theme (Arrange version)
Secret of the Dense Woods
Secret of the Forest
Singing Mountain
Singing Mountain (UNRELEASED TRACK)
Site 16
Strains of Insanity
Strange Occurrences
The Brink of Time
The Cathedral
The Epoch ~Wings of Time~
The Epoch: Wings of Time
The Fiendlord's Keep
The Final Battle
The Hidden Truth
The Kingdom Trial
The Last Day of the World
The Royal Trial
The Trial
The Wind’s Yearning
Those Without the Will to Live
Time of World Revolution
Time to Rest: After the Battle
To Far Away Times
To the Outskirts of Time
Undersea Palace
Undersea Temple
Warlock Battle
Wind Scene
World Revolution
Yearnings of the Wind
yukai na Supekkio
Zeal Palace