Latest 100 Plays:

  1. Against Privacy by Cold War Kids on the album, Loyalty to Loyalty — 4 minutes ago
  2. Crimewave (Crystal Castles vs. Health) by Health on the album, Health//Disco — 22 minutes ago
  3. Tricky Tricky by Röyksopp on the album, Junior — 28 minutes ago
  4. Kowalski by Primal Scream on the album, Vanishing Point — 33 minutes ago
  5. Giant (Pilooski edit) by The The on the album, Dirty Edits, Volume 2 — 41 minutes ago
  6. Yr Mangled Heart by The Gossip on the album, Standing in the Way of Control — 46 minutes ago
  7. Sonnet by The Verve on the album, This Is Music: Singles 92 - 98 — 50 minutes ago
  8. The Captain by Leonard Cohen on the album, Various Positions — 54 minutes ago
  9. I Luv U by The Crystal Method on the album, London — 55 minutes ago
  10. Come Saturday by The Pains of Being Pure at Heart on the album, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart — 59 minutes ago
  11. Cutt Off by Kasabian on the album, Kasabian — about an hour ago
  12. A Final Hit by Leftfield on the album, A Final Hit - Greatest Hits — about an hour ago
  13. Arrest Yourself by Hot Chip on the album, The Warning — about an hour ago
  14. Forever Young by Youth Group on the album, Forever Young — about an hour ago
  15. Atom Bomb by Fluke on the album, The Saint: Music From The Motion Picture Soundtrack — about an hour ago
  16. Hands Around My Throat by Death in Vegas on the album, The Best of Death in Vegas — about an hour ago
  17. Reach For The Dead by Boards of Canada on the album, LateNightTales: Franz Ferdinand — about an hour ago
  18. So Young by Suede on the album, Suede — about an hour ago
  19. Dudun-Dun by Para One on the album, FabricLive 33: Spank Rock — about an hour ago
  20. All the Young Dudes by Mott The Hoople on the album, Juno — about an hour ago
  21. London Bridge by Aeroplane on the album, We Can't Fly — about an hour ago
  22. Missionary Man by Eurythmics on the album, The Ultimate Collection — about an hour ago
  23. Discreet Music by Brian Eno on the album, Discreet Music — 2 hours ago
  24. Out of the Void by Primal Scream on the album, Vanishing Point — 2 hours ago
  25. "Heroes" by David Bowie on the album, "Heroes" — 2 hours ago
  26. Only Happy When It Rains by Garbage on the album, Garbage — 2 hours ago
  27. Discotraxx by Ladytron on the album, Best of 00-10 — 3 hours ago
  28. Slide In (DFA remix) by Goldfrapp on the album, The DFA Remixes: Chapter Two — 3 hours ago
  29. Soil to Seed by Matthew Dear on the album, Black City — 3 hours ago
  30. No Path to Follow by The Chemical Brothers on the album, We Are the Night — 3 hours ago
  31. Broken Head III by South on the album, From Here On In — 3 hours ago
  32. Roadhouse Blues by The Doors on the album, The Very Best of The Doors — 3 hours ago
  33. Bluebird by Beach House on the album, Depression Cherry — 6 hours ago
  34. Wildflower by Beach House on the album, Depression Cherry — 6 hours ago
  35. PPP by Beach House on the album, Depression Cherry — 7 hours ago
  36. 10:37 by Beach House on the album, Depression Cherry — 7 hours ago
  37. Beyond Love by Beach House on the album, Depression Cherry — 7 hours ago
  38. Space Song by Beach House on the album, Depression Cherry — 7 hours ago
  39. Sparks by Beach House on the album, Depression Cherry — 7 hours ago
  40. Levitation by Beach House on the album, Depression Cherry — 7 hours ago
  41. Revolution Bay by Hamid on the album, Present 10 Years Get Physical — 8 hours ago
  42. Heart Is a Beating Drum by The Kills on the album, Blood Pressures — 8 hours ago
  43. To the Six by Boom Jinx & Andrew Bayer on the album, Anjunabeats, Volume 7 — 8 hours ago
  44. Empty by Garbage on the album, Strange Little Birds — 8 hours ago
  45. Pinhole of Light by Phil Kieran on the album, One+One — 8 hours ago
  46. Crack Music by Kanye West on the album, Late Registration — 8 hours ago
  47. Colder by Travis on the album, The Boy With No Name — 8 hours ago
  48. Elegia by New Order on the album, Low-Life — 8 hours ago
  49. Color Me Once by Violent Femmes on the album, The Crow — 8 hours ago
  50. Lush 3 (Euro Tunnel Disaster '94)/Walk About (John Peel Sessions) by Orbital on the album, Diversions — 8 hours ago
  51. Meat Is Murder (live) by The Smiths on the album, The Sound of The Smiths — 8 hours ago
  52. Garden by Karen Elson on the album, The Ghost Who Walks — 9 hours ago
  53. Nightrain by Guns N' Roses on the album, Appetite For Destruction — 9 hours ago
  54. Tom's Diner by Suzanne Vega on the album, Solitude Standing — 9 hours ago
  55. Be True to Your School (single version) by The Beach Boys on the album, Sounds of Summer: The Very Best of the Beach Boys — 9 hours ago
  56. Call It A Day by The Raconteurs on the album, Broken Boy Soldiers — 9 hours ago
  57. Brainchild by Everything Everything on the album, Get to Heaven — 9 hours ago
  58. Yesterday to Tomorrow by Audioslave on the album, Out of Exile — 9 hours ago
  59. "40" by U2 on the album, War — 9 hours ago
  60. Energise (Casino Kid remix) by Chad Jackson on the album, FabricLive 08: Plump DJs — 9 hours ago
  61. You'll Lose a Good Thing by Aretha Franklin on the album, Blown Away — 9 hours ago
  62. Intro by Alan Braxe & Fred Falke on the album, Bugged Out! Classics — 9 hours ago
  63. Save a Prayer by Duran Duran on the album, Rio — 9 hours ago
  64. Mooger Fooger by Bermuda Triangle on the album, MMII — 10 hours ago
  65. Break Out by Foo Fighters on the album, There Is Nothing Left To Lose — 10 hours ago
  66. Distant Past by Everything Everything on the album, Get to Heaven — 10 hours ago
  67. Freaks on Hubbard (Dave Clarke remix) by DJ Rush on the album, Dave Clarke Presents Remixes & Rarities 1992 - 2005 — 10 hours ago
  68. Them Waters by Ghostpoet on the album, Some Say I So I Say Light — 10 hours ago
  69. Arcadia by Apparat on the album, At the Controls — 10 hours ago
  70. Isolated Howl by The Chemical Brothers on the album, Hanna — 10 hours ago
  71. Poney, Part 1 by Vitalic on the album, OK Cowboy — 10 hours ago
  72. Phat Planet by Leftfield on the album, A Final Hit - Greatest Hits — 10 hours ago
  73. Party Animal by Luke Vibert & BJ Cole on the album, Stop the Panic — 10 hours ago
  74. Hunting High And Low (Remix) by a-ha on the album, The Singles 1984 | 2004 — 10 hours ago
  75. Reach for Love by Marcel King on the album, Factory Records: Communications 1978-92 — 10 hours ago
  76. If You Don't Jump (You're English) by GusGus on the album, 15 Ára — 10 hours ago
  77. Minestrone by Fujiya & Miyagi on the album, Ventriloquizzing — 10 hours ago
  78. Machine by Logistics on the album, Now More Than Ever — 11 hours ago
  79. Move Move (DJ Observer & Daniel Heathcliff remix) by Robbie Rivera on the album, FabricLive 45: A-Trak — 11 hours ago
  80. Ramona (acoustic version) by Beck on the album, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World — 11 hours ago
  81. Elevator Hopper by Kid Koala on the album, Some of My Best Friends Are DJs — 11 hours ago
  82. Happy Rap by Junior Senior on the album, Hey Hey My My Yo Yo — 11 hours ago
  83. Badimo by Juno Reactor on the album, Shango — 11 hours ago
  84. Had To Hear by Real Estate on the album, Atlas — 11 hours ago
  85. Start To Play (Christian Prommer Remix Pt. 2) (Piano Mix) by Wagon Cookin' on the album, Compost Blacklabel Series Vol. 3 — 11 hours ago
  86. Ask Me Anything by The Strokes on the album, First Impressions Of Earth — 11 hours ago
  87. The Devil by Tears for Fears on the album, Everybody Loves a Happy Ending — 11 hours ago
  88. (Now And Then There's) A Fool Such As I by Elvis Presley on the album, Elvis 30 #1 Hits — 11 hours ago
  89. Rain by Madonna on the album, Something to Remember — 11 hours ago
  90. You're Crazy by Guns N' Roses on the album, Lies — 11 hours ago
  91. When We Were Young by London Grammar on the album, If You Wait — 11 hours ago
  92. Butterfly by Plaid on the album, Tekkonkinkreet — 12 hours ago
  93. Dead Souls by Nine Inch Nails on the album, The Crow — 12 hours ago
  94. Check-It (feat. Warrior Queen) by Skream on the album, Skream! — 12 hours ago
  95. America Is Waiting by Brian Eno and David Byrne on the album, My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts — 12 hours ago
  96. Television by Mansun on the album, Six — 12 hours ago
  97. Soma by The Smashing Pumpkins on the album, Siamese Dream — 12 hours ago
  98. Influx by DJ Shadow on the album, Preemptive Strike — 12 hours ago
  99. All At Sea by Jamie Cullum on the album, Twentysomething — 12 hours ago
  100. Berlin Dub by Mixworks & Alex Picone on the album, Fabric 42: Âme — 12 hours ago